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  1. @Koldkilla97is in the process of buying a baby. #money #gang
  2. Warbow

    Dear Foc & Tannie

    Where is there any proof that is a 1b stake, or that anyone you know won lmfao. Duckduckgo btw
  3. Warbow

    weekend Team Zen Sunday Shenanigans

    What happen to the other clans
  4. Warbow

    Friday: Uncontested Sweepage

    When you make drunk spams” want the fuck is rot” ha love to see it
  5. Warbow

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    The fact that y’all setup even 70v70 fights and foes crashed them is gay as fuck on foes part. Sweet action tho
  6. Warbow

    xlpc question

    Ob vs fs ob vs rampage rp vs nightmare xlpc hasn’t really been that big since 2018-2019
  7. Warbow

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    Closed you retards like 4 times
  8. Kold could buy your child lol thoughts @Koldkilla97
  9. Warbow

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    Ah yes, the most important prep of our rivalry:
  10. I’m not a math major, but I think 26 is a lot more than 0. reduced to tanks imt. Sad
  11. You had nothing to do with closing rampage. I closed rampage. And then I joined rampage and closed paradody outburst clan nightmare in 2 months. Irrelevant child
  12. Looooool. Some people should start playing less runescape.com
  13. Warbow


    I trust Ryan. just give the man time, you’ll get your gps
  14. Warbow

    xlpc Bad Timing

    Bt has never been good and is run by two autist people. That being said, ty for free wins
  15. Warbow


  16. Warbow

    cwa Energy vs Pure Quality F2P Mini 2-1

    I hope you don’t speak to people like this irl. 8.50 doe
  17. Warbow

    Greatest day in history.

    Didn’t ask for a doom ts leak. Clans been closed for 2 years
  18. Imagine slaving for a (losing) clan when you have a child at home