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  1. Fudog recruited this guy to fh, I closed fh, so this guy made a snipe clan and fudog barked to be in the clan named after someone I closed
  2. Wrong, in 2k19 I main pk and hcim ballsack. F2p died in 2018
  3. Warbow


    Why did you reach out to Chris like he would join this clan looool! Long live clan x
  4. F2p is ded fudog, learn how to use f keys
  5. How about the fact that we closed poison
  6. Imagine being in a clan called blood unit lool! That kid is from xl. Fh confirmed closed
  7. Thank you for this ground breaking information. I haven’t thought of this once in 4 years....
  8. Ah yes, leave the Rage to Broxx! Congrats on big victory over green men clan
  9. Yo @Infamous Jet@FudogWhats up fudog!

    1. DilL


      go graduate school idiot!

    2. Warbow


      @DilLFudog is smart!

  10. Ok @Broxxx I see you catching wins left and right!
  11. @smokepurpprest easy man it is runescape.com. Don’t become changed from last year 😕
  12. Brock you should submit an app! You are patience, not a spastic, good at runescape.com and love sharkbrew!!!
  13. @slushpuppy@Moni why was my status update deleted?

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    2. Fat Scott

      Fat Scott

      @Warbowidk man at this point i think mods delete anything that triggers them especially if its towards their clan.

    3. Moni


      Wasn't me idk

      @Fat Scottkilla plz use ur name 

    4. Warbow
  14. Doesn’t mean anything to the times at rampage headquarters @ryantheg @kold @sammy @nutsack @every fucking zoom Fagit 


    and special shoutout to envy for closing AAO, most dogshit lpc every lmfao

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    2. Noise


      No problem :)

    3. TheReal


      AAO closed so quick I didn’t even realise it was a rivalry 

    4. Red Vision

      Red Vision

      Warbow shit

  15.  Listening to old fearless team speak audio leaks of Outburst. What a fucking clan we were. Long live @Broxxx@dill @Stewbert@Chalu@stompty @austin @omaha @chris ( @pkeru and Anthony fuck you two tho) @dozin@WarChilds @Fudog

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    2. foxy


      2 bad u tried to go lpc then lost to fs in a prep (badly) and closed in 2 weeks haha xd

    3. Pkeru


      1 hour ago, foxy said:

      2 bad u tried to go lpc then lost to fs in a prep (badly) and closed in 2 weeks haha xd

      We never prep fs in lpc you stupid moron. You idiots closed in a week after we open

    4. Pkeru


      Warbow you're a joke. Dont ever @ my name again

  16. Rampiss will be preppering rage in the coming weeks

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    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      We've been in every scene possible while you've been stuck in xlpc since you started playing rs l0l

    3. Warbow


      You are a confirmed downy. Stop reply to me ty

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      Stay in your wheelchair LOOOOOOOL

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