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  1. Ambush midweek trip [We been here]

    Damn lit especially tht smoke at the end!
  2. Ambush xlpc Monday

    Looking good!!
  3. banter
    Who wins these "rivalries"?

    We go out every Saturday just cuz we don’t wanna fight 50 mains doesn’t mean we don’t go out and last I checked this Sunday y’all had 8 and were doin revs while we were out in wildy
  4. I'll pay 100m to the winner.

    lol tf is this keep tht 100m dont sell ur car if envy want a fight wildy or clan wars they can pm us them selves thanks for your concern tho
  5. Masked men just keep gettin dubs!!
  6. banter
    Vendetta Loc?

    lmfaoo congrats but even the account u got the kill with aint a pure smh 45 def nice

    Lmfaooo so this is what really happened we both had 25 we waited 20 min defending and then envy finally hit had 15-20 hydra logged in mid fights in envy capes next fight we hit up war to even the opps and when we decided to rush y’all hopped random worlds and ended
  8. cwa Supremacy vs Vendetta | Big F2P Mini [2-0] Sets

    Congrats it was scheduled as a mini so we didn’t go to pull more from before hand but congrats on ur pull
  9. Was fun ty siege and fatality for action
  10. I nominate @RyanTheG to call f2p and @XLPC Warlordto call P2P in est vs gmt full out

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Dude you are trash lol

    3. XLPC Warlord

      XLPC Warlord

      Dude nobody even knows u who r

    4. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Coming from someone named XLPC Warlord l0l

  11. midweek Vendetta VS Misfits ! P2P PKRI ! TY 4 ACTION !

    goodjob Vendetta!!
  12. Don’t see my POV so y’all shit