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  1. banter
    What's more Demoralizing

    Lol ur topics were always terrible but at least had some funny bits now it’s just gettin to tht weird obsession point man
  2. Good job looking forward to ours 😃
  3. Lol nm and cd just merge already

    1. Thessalia


      keep bringing tanks and snipe teams and the rag will continue freak

    2. F U D O G

      F U D O G

      This is what happens when Fudog vs Lalo calling

      easy win for Fudog (again)

  4. Lmfaoooo nm/fh/Bobbie book/ cd cleared sad af get every team in ur cape and still lose

    1. Thessalia
    2. Thessalia


      tanks and teaming with snipe teams.. typical rp cant compete

  5. banter
    Shitpremacy exposed

    How Nightmare manages to pull 31 w/ 4 clan friends 6 mains 4 of my ranks on spies & 5-10 Sup kids is beyond me. For this to be a rivalry you realise you guys gotta actually be a threat & fight back. Hmu, I can run you through a recruiting course
  6. main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    Lol I remember him telling me how outburst was completely his idea and how Broxx pushed him out of his rank and he hates him so much
  7. main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    Bruh no need to apologize anybody who tryin post screen shots of private convos for some sharkbrew clout is someone u don’t need to associate with
  8. main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    Why this in wildy section btw everyone knows its been over a week since nm have entered wildy in their own cape
  9. main Rampage Ranks Need Help! LOLOL

    Ohhhh noo rp is screwed man!
  10. pure/midweek Rampage Midweek Smacking Wild Ft CD,3Shit,ATL

    Good job rp!!
  11. Nightmare were in cd capes Sunday 3 hit capes today stay tuned to find out which cape for tomorrow!!

  12. First off we both 2nd in command now looool and 2nd just cuz u talk louder dont mean u winnin any argument hoe ass
  13. xlpc Rampage #1 xLPC - 55-65 Combat

    Wow seems like big tings happening at rp headquarters
  14. Don’t care bout tanks will prep any clan that can wear their own capes to weekend trips!

  15. Imagine if nightmare could wear their own capes on sundays :(