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  1. Goin to 0 in game and then returning after the other team already left does not mean u out returned anyone be better next time
  2. If only imt kept it clean from the beginning this wudnt have happened I will make sure to attend next weekend to help continue to cleanse the pure scene
  3. Stop wasting time slaving for ur shit clan and take care of ur kid before I gotta call child services on ur dumbass
  4. Wait dude got a kid and still slaving for a clan now I actually wish I got scammed 70m cuda put some food on the table for the kid smh
  5. Tf do I need to lie for if I traded him 70m I’m sure he wuda posted a pic of gettin traded 70m enjoy the 20 bucks tho and enjoy losin every prep ur clan is in
  6. Btw make sure that 20m well spent heard there a new snipe team opening y’all know what to do
  7. Lmfaooooo congrats u got 20m?! Got 70m but post a 10m trade yikes
  8. Rumor has it @R4ngeTAPunmuted to help call but 3hit gdz told him to stfu
  9. No surprise here there is a reason imt pay snipe teams every weekend to have a +20 cuz we all know what happens matched. Funny part is they lose +20 anyways
  10. Bro ob closed get over it man. Start doing ur job and pming snipe teams from now. Btw pls unmute for my next audio leak wanna hear 3hit leader to tell u to shut the fuck up
  11. Yes I agree ob closed and ur a mute cuz ur an awkward loser stay muted taking orders from 3hit make sure to pm them to be on that’s ur job!!
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