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  1. krat0s

    lpc Looking for 1 def pure clan.

    Hey Join Envy bro! Very Chill & Active Community! We would love to see you join. Clan Chat: EV Public Discord: https://discord.gg/AT73UAx
  2. Good Job today envy! thanks for the action AAO
  3. krat0s

    pure/midweek Purge Kills Envy in 20 Seconeds

    No ranks set up a fight, but take a look at that vid then stfu plz
  4. krat0s

    pure/midweek Purge Kills Envy in 20 Seconeds

    @GL Im 2h @Ace Krave
  5. Mannn this guy is actually so tough on runescape.com This Topic made me so afraid of this guy
  6. Nice Trip boys! Glad to see clans that actually fight with pures & Not mains.
  7. krat0s

    lpc close

    Join the #1 community today!!
  8. Come home bud.. play when you can, miss you
  9. Sir yes sir! Get right to it buddy
  10. Eventually, people still training & questing. We only moved up officially from xlpc last week lol...
  11. Join envy today!! #1 community. PM me or add krat0s#5362 on disc :D