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Found 5 results

  1. Noxious | xLPC Clan | 50-65 CB Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV In-Game Chat: "Clan Noxious" Clan Cape: Team-48 - Leader - Scims - High Council - N/A - Warlord - N/A - Council - Ebag, Tango Time - Officer - Erase, Foxy - Option #1: N-Ranger - 40 Attack 85+ Strength 85+ Range 25+ Magic 1-5 Defence - Option #2: Binder - 40 Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Range 75+ Magic 1-5 Defence 10/20/18 - First Pk Trip: 11/20/18 - One Month Strong: 12/8/18 - Sharkbrew Red Vs. Blue xLPC Fullout: 1/5/19 - 2019 Opening Trip Ft. 40 Alpha Males vs. xLPC Community:
  2. - Clan Information - Clan Chat: EV Public Teamspeak: Bv.Ts3Chat.com Discord: https://discord.gg/AT73UAx - Summary - EnVy massed up 40 warriors today and later peaking at 47. We got word that AAO had MF/Critical Retards helping them so we focused them majority of the day. Fight 1: We started our trip by setting up a fight with FI defending east of bandit camp. We rushed them from the west and fought for a couple minutes before getting crashed by critical retard mains. Fight 2: We got word of IR, SUP, and Apex fighting at north east graves and quickly positioned ourselves SE graves before hopping. We hopped and rushed anyone that was south/multi. SUP quickly rushed inside the trees and we followed staying on top of them. Few minutes later we saw AAO/MF logging in about to hit so we went into singles to rg for the next fight. Fight 3: The third fight was against AAO/MF at corp hill. They defended on top of the hill and we rushed from the west. Knowing the amount of mains/invites they brought today, we still took the fight to them being aggressive with our scim pushes and piles. Fight 4: The next fight was at 13 ports vs AAO/MF again. This time critical retards were nowhere to be found so we fought them 1v1. After a couple minutes they dropped numbers real quick and we pushed them out having +22 opts at one point.
  3. - Clan Information - Clan Chat: EV Public Teamspeak: Bv.Ts3Chat.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ewfxJfZ - Summary - EnVy massed up 75 warriors on this glorious opening trip while maintaining 65+ all trip. We had many clusters and long hard fights but we pulled through and came out on top. Solid action from all clans, Ty for the fights! Fight 1: To start the day off we got word that FOE and EOP were fighting near CA/18 Ports and quickly rushed it making it a 3 way battle. We held our ground and had good movements from CA-18 Ports maintaining 65+ making it a fun cluster. Fight 2: The next fight was a 4 way around corp hill between IR, SUP, Apex, and Envy. We rushed SUP from the west holding our ground while focusing them and anyone on top of the hill. After a good 10 minutes everyone scattered into singles and went to bank. Fight 3: The third fight was another 4 way between IR, SUP, Apex, and Envy at bandit camp. We rushed all 3 clans in a cluster from east bandits focusing Apex and IR in our path. We took control inside the bandit camp while being up opts on both clans and they went east into singles. Fight 4: The last fight was a 1+ hour long cluster at bandits between Apex, AAO, FI, and Envy. We held our ground inside the bandit hut focusing Apex. Both clans went up and down 10-20 opts on each other with solid returns from both clans. We turned it up a notch gaining 30+ opts at one point and from there on AAO and Apex rushed west into singles. - Videos -
  4. - Clan Information - Clan Chat: EV Public Teamspeak: Bv.Ts3Chat.com - Summary - EnVy massed up 54 big dick bandits, maintaining 40+ all trip fighting multiple clans today. Throughout our 1v1 fights and huge clusters, we continued to stay strong. Ty for the action boys! Fight 1: Our first fight was against Apex at bandit camps, both clans held there own matched opts for a few minutes before getting crashed making it a fun cluster. GF. Fight 2: We decided to do a rematch vs Apex at Hills Hut with Envy defending this time. After a good 10 minutes, we gave them the F2P dick and bullied them to Sperm hill, resulting in a clear near CA. We held almost +20 opts at one point during this fight and we took the advantage. GF. Fight 3: We got word of AAO and Fatality fighting at Chaos Temple and quickly rushed to it. We had a higher pull then both clans meanwhile an xlpc clan were trying to rag us but that didn't stop us from proving our point. We decimated AAO and the remaining FI from the wilderness. GF. #LastClanStanding Fight 4: The last fight was a 3 way cluster Envy/AAO/Apex. This was a longer fight but we held our ground and made some quick movements resulting in a clean fight/clear. GF. - Videos -
  5. Clan Chat: Ev Public | Team Cape: 39 | TeamSpeak: Bv.ts3chat.com On this fine Sunday evening EnVy massed up 55 big dick warriors later peaking at 70 to set out a brutal attack against BT/Snipe Teams... Summary: Plain and simple, BT is on the verge of closing. Our first fight was at CA, we decided to defend since BT were too scared trying to fight at fog, just to run west into singles like yesterday. We held our ground for a good 20 minutes banging them out while being down 19 opts before we pushed through BT's tanks and dragged them to ghost hut. After fighting at ghost hut for another good 10-20 minutes we noticed fat fuq originalz had called more BT Tanks to login so we pushed towards West CA. The turning point in the fight, we quickly rushed on top of BT/POP from corp hill making the rats run inside CA but that didn't work to well for them. GF Rats. The second fight took place at Hills Hut, we defended again while BT was taking their sweet time regearing their alts, what a surprise right? BT + POP + ATL rushed us from the west (near singles ofc) but this was no match for our warriors as we dismantled them back to singles with ease. The video speaks for itself ladies n' gentlemen... Enjoy.
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