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  1. Dont really care but i watched brians pov or whatever from yesterday and i can confirm foe lost better luck today
  2. Fo made the same mistake ... Usually people learn from their mistakes but what to expect when youre led by a weed brain
  3. very fun and competitive prep as per usual .. wish i could say the same about fo / zenith who pussied out from the tourny LMAO no wonder why both of them been avoiding cwa for months now.. Rage / ly / fi going back and forth for the #1 spot while Finally Owned Pigeons are still crawling in the mud lmao Go write an another propaganda topic Doggy @Proccyand keep watching our preps you weed brain
  4. funny how fo member talking about quality LMAO your clan been avoiding cwa for this entire year and when you finally decided to prep... o well you know what happened
  5. interesting... this fight was supposed to be 2 weeks ago ... not sure about that one buddy!
  6. better luck next time i guess
  7. Meh they only had to sit 5 more people but they decided to forfeit instead LMAO thanks for the belt apeg see you on saturday 

    1. Murd


      All the gp and sharkbucks apex lost today, it's going to be a very bare christmas for their families!

  8. lmao legit dumbasses!!!! @Scims we talked about this yesterday, patiently waiting for your response
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