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  1. TheReal

    Legacy so innocent right?

    Pkeru flaming other people's irls lmfao
  2. Lmao I saw you bring 10 mains last weekend now you’re just scared CD will inevitably out main you
  3. TheReal

    Dear CD #2

    Elder unit coming strong
  4. TheReal

    Dear CD #2

    My tanks gna be in team 7 cape gl legacy
  5. I’ve never seen a clan get so triggered by critical damage in the whole time they have been open, they have you on strings
  6. TheReal

    Restart Challenge Ep.2

    Nice vid @Edgi
  7. TheReal

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    Yikes only 9 mains I can mass up more on my own pc
  8. TheReal

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    Supremacy prob
  9. TheReal

    Looking for an xLPC clan...

    Noxious cuh
  10. TheReal

    XLPC RT [RiskTakers] | Back in the Game | 50-65

    Ah yes gl to the old envy guys
  11. pm TheReal#4006 on discord to leak ur lpc locs hehe ty

  12. TheReal

    weekend Rage Sunday Smokefest

    Bear clan strong gz
  13. TheReal

    Place your bets for P2P tournament!

    What is onslaught lol
  14. TheReal

    friendly Who's the best clan at P2p???????

    Bloody Vikingz
  15. big things coming

  16. I agree aao lost a rivalry to me and I don’t even use my microphone
  17. Bring back BV 313

    1. Enza


      Hands up etc

    2. dragonslayer526
    3. °°°


      hands out money out etc etc

  18. TheReal

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    Bear clan strong
  19. Good job fatality, seeing events like that make me miss clanning
  20. TheReal

    RoT Leader Nigga

    Cringe as expected
  21. TheReal

    midweek Notorious vs. SKO + Tribe - P2P Wildy PKRI (25v25+)

    Nice but the vidder needs to learn to pray range lol
  22. Best legacy clan osrs ever saw