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  1. I closed ur clan after 9 years and now ur losing to ace krave lol
  2. Flash1: hands up cash out

    1. Noise


      bv on my chest

    2. Jim


      BV pride world wide

  3. Hearing grown ass men begging to join runescape guilds will never fail to make me cringe
  4. TheReal

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Ahh runescape.com btw
  5. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    June 1st 100 EnVy bandits incoming ps: CD if u can stay open that long we’ll be seeing you then
  6. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Remember when I closed aao?? ha ha
  7. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    @Molly EskamI see u dawg
  8. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    June 1st see u both there
  9. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Do you fancy me
  10. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    BV cuh
  11. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    I founded bloody vikingz the best clan runescape.com has ever seen, and u??
  12. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Who u again
  13. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Lemme know when you start pulling out of the 20s and I’ll reopen
  14. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Lemme know how your 7 year anni went bro (you closed a week after)
  15. TheReal

    Status Update

    2019 and we still have betas out here making apology topics
  16. Just a reminder me and @Enzastill on the throne

    1. Enza


      facts, do something about it

      reply to discord btw lmao

    2. TheReal


      Don’t have my pc until tomorrow I gotchu then tho

  17. TheReal


    Ah yes we coming
  18. TheReal


    Yup yup yup
  19. TheReal

    weekend [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."

    Gz hobo and co
  20. TheReal

    IMT and SKO having a chat.

    John c out here killing clans cuh
  21. Big things coming stay tuned lpc scene

  22. TheReal

    xLPC Weekend Recap

    In fairness, looking at the competition in the scene rage should walk to #1 with ease