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  1. honestly just bring back piers what is this crap topic zu mains? u kidding me guys??? wtf u betray pures? no honour
  2. ZU has one of the largest Aus rank teams.
  3. Zerg Unit's Weekend of Wreckage ft. Exiled Forces, Terror, Astro, Vendetta, wreckage, and some weird new Wilderness enclave. Saturday 18th July, ft. Exiled Forces, Terror, Astro It all started in the Boneyard -- wait, what? Boneyard? Yes, you read that right. We had a fight above 20 wilderness for the first time in our XLPC history -- against Exiled Forces. They defended, we attacked. 29 Exiled Forcers versus 28 Zergs. All was going swimmingly after we'd killed five without losing anybody then Terror appeared from the South and our fight merged into a cluster north of Corp Cave. Suddenly an extra twenty Zerglings logged in (it's magic, don't ask how we did it) and we took on the Blue Wolves aka Terror. A strong tussle with no clear winner; Terror had gone to Graveyard Singles. Next up we fought a sandwich-cluster to the East of the new Ferox Enclave. The big Green Kangaroos sandwiched between the Blue Wolves and Pinkstonauts. We pushed far East to the Chaos Altar trees, aggressively scim pushing Terror down six. We held our own long enough for us to conjure Teleother Clanmates to the location and our phat return group gave us the numbers we needed to win the fight. Clean. Thanks for the fights. See you next weekend. You suck. Sunday 19th July ft Astro Okay so this trip was dogshit. We pulled 20ish, Astro similar, and Terror pulled so much that it wasn't worth fighting them. We tried. It went badly. So we fucked off to the new Clan Wars in the Ferox Enclave to deliver some hard F50 slaps to Astro. We beat Astro 50 Kills to 24 before demolishing them on the Classic map with our Rune Twohanders. Thanks for the fights noobs.
  4. this topic is crap, grats terror on the win
  5. Can you recruit 10000 level 65s to Zerg Unit for $1,500?
  6. Zerg Unit's Perfect Saturday ft. Not a Single Lost Fight. Massive shoutout to both Terror and Astro who fought organised and clean 1v1s against us multiple times. Big love. Here's a rundown of events: Zerg Unit vs Exiled Forces Exiled Forces get cleared in ten seconds at Chaos Altar whilst Terror and Astro fight a big beef. Zerg Unit vs Terror Terror splits their pull in half, fights us in a clean 1v1 at 26 Hill. We win decisively, only losing a handful of people. We immediately hop to W394 where their 2nd squad was lying in wait, challenge them to another fight south of 26 Hill. Domination. Astro crashes the second fight, we move to sperm hill and tussle back and forth before banking. Zerg Unit vs Astro Astro offers us a 1v1 at Hills Hut. We quickly rebank and walk to the defending position. 29v29, we were in the ascendency before Exiled Forces crashed from the south. It was supposed to be team on crash, but fair enough, in the middle of battle it can be hard to keep a cool head. We turned around and batted EF away like the little shit flies they are. The fight restarted just north of Chaos Altar when we ran into Astro's regroup as we set about getting prayer. Pushed them west to Graveyard Singles. Zerg Unit vs Astro 2.0 Astro wanted another pure vs pure tussle (big love). We defended the big hill east of 18 ports as they rushed from the north. 26vs25. A neck and neck tussle that was, again, crashed by Exiled Forces (spotting a pattern here). That's when we turned on Exiled Forces and walked them three minimaps west into single, binding and killing their stragglers as they went. Good riddance. Next time fucking stay there and let us fight. Or fight us yourselves. The Ending It all ended when we happened upon Astro's small regroup in Chaos Altar. 26vs30. We were in the ascendency and pushed Astro west to Graveyard singles. Big respect to both Terror and Astro for these clean fights. Perfection. LISTEN FOR LEAKED AUDIO
  7. Well done on the pull and strong hold in the clusters Terror
  8. Zerg Unit Cleanses the Wilderness. On a Saturday. Six days ago. Look, it all started because Exiled Forces pulled shit and Astro and Terror both pulled a fuck tonne. It got worse when the Astro-Terror beef decided into a full blown mainwar, so we did what any reasonable clan would do: banked our shit and stocked up on fucking main-cutting, splish-splashing, red magical bombs and purple-pokeball teleblocks. Then we walked around levels 4-11 wilderness (because you're all fucking cunts and won't fight in high wildy) sniping mains, slapping Exiled Forces whenever they'd rush us down 7, and generally having a great time. Thus, we hereby declare ourselves the Holy Cleansers of the pure scene. If you bring mains, we'll bring blasts. If you bring fifty mains, we'll bring even more blasts and have even more fun. It's a win-win for us really. Thanks to Exiled Forces for the fights. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd Idle in our CC: ‘ZergUnit’ Get a team-32 cape.
  9. Honestly you're both as bad as each other. But at least Astro stands around spamming in double digit wildy level, so the win goes to you.
  10. Great to see the scene active during the week! Awesome job.
  11. Zerg Unit visits the Wilderness, twice. I have to give a massive shoutout to the newly opened Exiled Forces. Without you our weekend would've been shit, thank you for the fights -- and respect for fighting down opts a couple of times. Saturday, 13th June - Zerg Unit vs Exiled Forces While Astro and Terror fought their retarded rivalry with every account bar their actual pures (genuinely, your snipe teams, mains, and tanks are fucking disgusting) we got back to some good old, wholesome pure-on-pure action with Exiled Forces. Sunday, 14th June - Deja Vu, basically the same as Saturday. Alright, so as Astro and Terror fought their retarded rivalry with every account bar their actual pures (genuinely, your snipe teams, mains, and tanks are fucking disgusting) we got back to some good old, wholesome pure-on-pure action with Exiled Forces. Again. Except this time instead of fighting 5x on Corp Hill we sniped Terror and Astro outside Chaos Altar before chasing Exiled Forces to Single. Then we took a wander over to Sperm Hill where Exiled Force rushed us down 6. Fair play lads, we respect that. You've got fucking balls. Unfortunately we made quick work of them, and went onto our next fight with (you guessed it) Exiled Forces! Wow. This time we rushed them inside Chaos Altar. Bit of a slaughter, but again: props to Exiled Forces for valuing action over outcome. Ended the night by sniping anything and everyone in Astro and Terror's pathetic ditch fight north of Varrock. Guys, your rivalry is actual cancer. Just drop your stupid teams and mains, come back down to your 50 pulls and fight us. Avoiders. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd Idle in our CC: ‘ZergUnit’ Get a team-32 cape.
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