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  1. if you're rly holding onto this "uncapped fight" fantasy after getting crushed for 75mins straight then you must be real desperate for a win
  2. shit bro your veterans must be shit at the game to lose that badly
  3. We're tryna beef because you're speaking out of your smelly british arse
  4. You're talking out of your ass mate. I barely go to events but I was there yesterday. So were about 10-15 legacy ZU members -- that's what made the difference. And sent you to Lumbridge.
  5. Zerg Unit Ltd. is a subsidiary of Piers and Chrish Enterprises LLP and works closely with Throb Deaniro LLP.
  6. didnt we make u split a 60 pull then smack both ur lil shit teams back to back without banking? u didnt force us to do anything, u were too boring and easy to beat.
  7. honestly just bring back piers what is this crap topic zu mains? u kidding me guys??? wtf u betray pures? no honour
  8. ZU has one of the largest Aus rank teams.
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