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  1. Absolutely no mercy from Zerg Unit in the arena tonight! Love to see the ruthlessness come out from the men in green!
  2. Zerg Unit with 2 very decisive rounds, you can tell only their biggest hitters were in for the last 2.
  3. Devastation is the only word that comes to mind when Zerg Unit arrives at the arena on a good day.
  4. Valiant effort Arrows! Zerg Unit showed their stamina and tenacity tonight with another powerful performance!
  5. Zerg Unit have come up short many times against New Power but when it was all on the line they rose to the occasion and showed that they have the mentality of true champions! 🏆
  6. Zerg Unit members are clearly cut from a different cloth; a rare breed that rises to the occasion in the wilderness like no other!
  7. It didn't feel right shedding so much blood on the day of the Lord but it didn't feel wrong either.
  8. If this happens I hope it gets done right with a proper 2 week ML lock. I've seen a few people echo the sentiment that fullouts don't matter anymore and the reason for this is whenever a full out happens clans just bring anyone and everyone if they underpull. People forget that the point of a fullout isn't to have a 100v100 prep, it's to see who the truly better clan is at the time, if you can only pull 80 and the other clan pulls 100 you just have to go in there and give your best.
  9. I could hear the roars of the crowd from inside the arena, the fans can sleep easy tonight knowing Zerg Unit are back in the winning column!
  10. A since no one gives a fuck about CWA anymore. The goal should be both but I can't blame pures for not taking CWA seriously when clans actively bench and hide their weak links in events that originally started as practice for the wilderness.
  11. You could definitely feel a change in the atmosphere up at GDZ when Zerg Unit logged in, they brought with them an energy and confidence that lit the entire scene on fire.
  12. Zerg Unit were absolutely ferocious, you could feel the energy pumping through the entire wilderness tonight.
  13. Its pretty much impossible to bring people into main clanning if they aren't already familiar with the way clans work because there's no incentives beyond the action itself. You get recruited by a clan and they immediately want you to drop mills on gear without even experiencing an event, and then during the event you're expected to lose that gear without looting anything back from the people you kill. Not all clans started out like this, there was a food chain with lower tier clans that would take advantage of the big Sunday rune wars to go get looty and have fun whilst the top clans distinguished themselves by having a 0 tolerance policy on looting and demanding a higher standard from their members. The fact is there is no place for the lower tier clans in the current food chain, the player base has massively shifted away from PVP and the established clans and teams are far too good to try and come in dry with completely fresh faces. With that said as the people already involved in the scene our priority should be to keep things as clean as possible, from what I understand WL dropped their crash war and thats a great step forward; I know I wouldn't want my clan to fight WL if it meant we'd be having some stupid 1v2 with whoever they're beefing with; if I beat Wilderland I want it to be Zerg Unit that beats Wilderland not Zerg Unit and 20 other dudes who are obligated to come harrass WL and vice versa. Like how am I supposed to get my guys hyped up about winning a 2v1? Especially when we're neutral as fuck and don't have a clue why you're beefing or who you're beefing with. Something I'd like to see is less multi clanning/teaming. I know its been like this for years in the interest of action but as a pure I value having 1 team or clan I can get behind. My first adventure into top level main clanning was with the team Martians and I was proud as heck to be a Martian, thats my team, thats who I ride for but if the team we're fighting under-pulled or didn't have a caller we'd just send them some of our guys. At that point it feels less like a fight that matters and more like inners or a fuck around game with your buddies. I came to take the other teams head off and instead its just a bunch of my pals over there making fun of each other for getting 1 hit. rambled on a bit just some thoughts EDIT: Also as someone else pointed out they need to do something about return methods in the wilderness; everything from burning amulets to ancient tabs to games necklaces these things have been a MASSIVE detriment to both pure and main clanning.
  14. Zerg Unit with another brutal display! No wonder all the top experts and analysts put them in the top 10 despite less than a month in the scene.
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