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  1. H I T T A

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    You cry because foe is killing you but when you pulled 200 and we said give it a week you didn’t think the hype was going to die and talked mad shit. also in response to this site being a foe and sup circlejerk, notice IR are back after finally apparently winning something, and apex is only gone because Nox knew your state and didn’t want the truth to get out. Peace sucka
  2. H I T T A

    Haz/Scims Scamming Accusations

    I’m just curious what you would actually do about it? No disrespect but I don’t think you could have much affect. If he scammed I doubt his first worry is sharkbrew community ya know
  3. Apex broke way too fucking easy for real. Hilariously enough, they thought the hype wouldn’t die. 


  4. Apex sucks lmfao cry about it.
  5. H I T T A

    A Step in the Right Direction

    Why play the game then? If you actually just enjoy ruining something for people trying to have honest fun you might really need to seek help.
  6. H I T T A

    A Step in the Right Direction

    Thing is, clans will just brin their rivals clan cape on a main(s) and claim they had them. What needs to happen is get all of these clans to agree both clans run south on sight of any main in any team cape or something. What’s weird is then you have some weird kids who are in neither clan but are always at specific clans fights on a main. They need to just app if they’re that desperate to be at a clans fights lol. the 1 item thing will also probably be unlikely. Some kids die once on a trip and forever return in a crystal bow. Personally i I think it’s a lost cause, but myself and many others I am sure appreciate you trying buddy. Like I mentioned if you can get all parties to agree to run away upon mains maybe it’ll work but if not as soon as one clan is losing, they’ll log on a main in the rivals cape so they can run away without accepting a loss, it’s shameful but honestly this game is all some of these kids have.
  7. Why that fat kid cleezy stop talking shit on every post/status he makes as soon as I provide evidence of foe cock smacking them every single fight while down 30? It’s no wonder Nox doesn’t want them using the brew, they’ve done nothing but lose and he knows the proof be in the pudding! Stay fat, fat boy! Oink oink 🐷 


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    2. Shiekh


      I said i wasnt in foe or sup, go and get a screenie dog, fetch for me & try to prove me wrong, ill be waiting, & also stop hiding on this status come back to ur post, or u tired of getting fisted? I got u emotional asf that u wanna have a flame war where nobody clicks to observe LMAOOO

    3. Cleezy


      Comment again if you're angry asf l0000l

    4. Shiekh


      Look how broken you are lmaooo, youre trying so hard to get me to stop getting you depressed wahahaha

  8. H I T T A

    Apex is doomed

    Hey man happy apex finally has something to celebrate! Lmfooooo
  9. H I T T A

    lpc Daeva [65+]

    Gl big dick bandits
  10. H I T T A

    fo needs Jamz back

    Ps all your status’ and topics about foe shows how bad we really hurt you LOOOOOOL stay easy piggy.
  11. H I T T A

    fo needs Jamz back

    This cuck actually just said foe is a masser clan when his clan just auto accepted 2 entire clans lmfao ouch you really hit us where it hurts 🤪🤣🤣🤣🦅
  12. H I T T A

    fo needs Jamz back

    Meanwhile in current days. lmfao 👋👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤙🏻
  13. And yet seem to be having no problem killing Apex down 30. Meanwhile, Nox sits on TS begging Apex morons to return on a main. Expected bro. They have zilch to celebrate on their own, let them have this one man! And apex lost to literally everyone. Lmfao just find a corner to cry in already homie, you need it.
  14. H I T T A

    ir/apex lol

    What’s funny is I’m sure they think you’re kidding and will write that off as banter 🤣😂😂🥳👍🏿🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅