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  1. Can someone let me know if they’ve ever heard of a clan that allows retired members to declare fullouts? Very serious 

  2. Glad to see some big opt fights going on
  3. Real shit dude I’m starting to feel bad for this guy lmfao. Get a journal man!
  4. Has foe won anything yet this year?
  5. Once again a worthless topic by the biggest retard in the community. Round of applause for this reject
  6. And who in the world will take a retired no ranks declaration serious? Lmfao Edit: also for a retired member you sure do spend a lot of time on sharkbrew and attending every event as well as events that aren’t even your clan. You’re a weirdo dude. Probably got force retired because you’re aids
  7. Ape gang = clout gang 

  8. Ah yes the typical foe response to prepping ub. 50v50 min. Weird that you guys will prep apex low ops but avoid ub? Stay scared bud
  9. Can no name randoms of a clan make declarations? Lmfao dude what is your rank
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