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  1. H I T T A

    Legashit Threatens CD With Mains

    As if cd aren’t looking for a reason to bring mains 24/7. I don’t know anyone in either clan but if you bring mains you just lost your rivalry. It’s pathetic
  2. H I T T A

    Open 3 weeks

    Wel CD is open but sharkbrew still dead. So...
  3. Dude what in the holy fuck are you smoking
  4. Another dub u in the books for the big dicks. Better luck next time other, smaller dick clans.
  5. H I T T A

    1750 World

    It’s not a bad concept, but perhaps provide more information. Such as insurance. Am I insured upon death of my losses? What is the size of this cc? Let’s say rev warriors or literally any other med or main clan logs in with 40+ heavy ballista dhiders, can you take them down? You’re offering me protection so I assume that means I get to run and not be expected to help you correct? People scout worlds and if you’re just there with 10-20 members and 40 log on you, I assume your members will run and tele as well if they’re out numbered 2x. So what’s the real difference if I’m running away solo, or running away with 15 of you guys. Perhaps provide the size of the element in which you expect you can defend me from. Sidenote: I’m not interested in the service just merely saying perhaps provide more information other than the cost. I myself just buy gold like a normal person If I need it.
  6. H I T T A


    Is this like a parody clan or what?
  7. H I T T A

    Nawe wins again

    That’s because no one wanted to join you. Don’t act like you have ever turned members away. Lol. You guys literally hired roids cc for millions of gp to attend your trips.
  8. H I T T A

    Nawe wins again

    I haven’t been a part of the pure community for a few months but last I saw supremacy was butt fucking IR while eating friend chicken off their backs. Who know though miracles do happen so maybe what you say is true.
  9. H I T T A

    Can team Revolution stop bullying Apex?

    Don’t forget being rots personal butt wipers
  10. H I T T A

    showcase Animated Banner

    For a guy who claims “200” jokers, why put 60 man strong in your sig lol
  11. The same people who make fun of clans like IR for having edge/sand crab recruits are the same people who say the scene is dead because no fresh blood. Make up your minds people.


    PS I am not IR and think they are utter trash this was but an example. 

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    3. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      @ROT PUBLIC RELATIONSyour clan is competing with level 88s and losing. Missing Jed yet?

    4. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Also, not currently a member of the pure community. Ty tho

  12. H I T T A

    Leaked Photo of ROT & FO peace meeting

    Lol this is actually hilarious
  13. H I T T A

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    So will you start in full rune or wait to get cucked until you make the transition?