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  1. Grats on the action but for real if rage doesn’t have mains (pics show it) why do you? Why not just have some good old fashion clean pure vs pure fights?
  2. Dude I was watching that opt counter like oh fuck oh fuck haha Jesus so close
  3. Tbh one of the funner fights I’ve had since reopening. You guys put in work for sure
  4. Ah yes but closed during that rivalry? Lmao wassssnt UB
  5. You’ll probably need to be a pure clan to get action from cd lmao
  6. I have no interest in stopping you. You have shown your cuck mentality to the world already and that is good enough for me
  7. Sincerely have a hard time wondering you don’t just join a scene, and fight within that scene? Want to be main, fight mains. Pure fight pures etc
  8. Focus on mains you say yet you camp pures for the entire duration of weekend trips. Nice brain
  9. 1st trip was a success! Very fun man and very glad to be back. We ape again! 🦍
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