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  1. Who remembers when every clan made a prep embargo against the Unbreakable clan and Hanuman just kept throwing declarations around and nobody wanted the free smoke? Good times good times

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    2. Sliq


      Stfu leakerman @Opticals

      Hitta forever an unbreakable ape

    3. Sliq


      Stfu leakerman @Opticals

      Hitta forever an unbreakable ape

    4. Opticals


      pussy sliq h I t t a my friend not urs

  2. Sweet man glad to see my old boys gettin after it. Foe and apex friendly now?
  3. You would actually pay 20m for runescape locations? You should get it together pal do something with yourself.
  4. Looked like a fun cluster and go figure was too easy for foe
  5. Lol remember that time supremacy killed your clan?
  6. Doesn’t look like AC does that very often. What was all that weird random gear?
  7. Nice I didn’t know account sharkbrew was you. I see you on my main quite often. What main team is that? Allow me to join or else.
  8. When I was in UB, CD did nothing but fight with mass amounts of mains. If you can find me a video of UB using mains I urge you to, but I guarantee I can find you a TON of CD using mains against just about every clan.
  9. I defiantly have never been in CD or EV but I do recall closing you in UB if that counts for anything? 🤷‍♀️
  10. Dude you’re lying to yourself. I’ve witnessed fighting cd for years and every version has used mains. Weird how there is a bandwagon that your clan uses mains huh? Wonder how that came about??
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