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  1. Hmm p sure you got kicked right why you so obsessed with foe lol
  2. Gz on the win but tbh it’s a lose lose for them. If they win they beat an xlpc and if they lose, they lost to xlpc. Again tho good job to my Homie nate
  3. “I’m a real ass nigga” lmfao WHAT? grown man crying about who is a moderator on a runescape community website that he doesn’t even use! die slow dumbass
  4. What happened to rot? So shit nowadays
  5. this is just so fucking ironic. Look at all these foe members talking shit about not pushing it back meanwhile K2p is complaining about mere minutes. GO FO GO!
  6. Gonna have a tough time in a 25 def scene, but I wish you only the best, gamers.
  7. Damn you really got a chip on your shoulder for these guys aye?
  8. Still better than a fudog clan 😂😂
  9. My how the shitty have fallen. Lmfao. real shit though I can appreciate you having fun and killing anyone you see in revs but uploading something like this is just really weak lol. also, how does a pure clan manage to fight you for an entire hour? Lol ffs
  10. Once upon a time your banter was actually funny bro. Been hanging around fudog too much
  11. Tip no. 1, don’t pay frontline 350m to be trial member (actual price of down payment to join them) lol. better off getting to know people and joining a clan rather than a team or you’ll likely wind up getting scammed for a large sum of gp
  12. You’re a member rank and can not declare fullouts because you are a +1 and hardly even that. How is that hard to understand?
  13. You forgot to show the last 4 months of 2019 you pulling 28 and camping singles
  14. So have you gotten warlord of foe yet?? LMFAO Danny give this man warlord before he neck himself!
  15. Damn retarded member, I mean retired member fudog hurt me feelings :’(
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