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  1. You must not have ever heard nate speak cause that isn’t him. I seriously think it is time for a new brain dude like come on
  2. Exactly what rs did today to ub lmfaoo. Ended up in foe capes by the end too. gz on action rage keep that shit up!
  3. 0-8 in what event? The whose clan brought 50 mains event? If that’s the one you’re talking about yes you are correct you win
  4. Fun fucking trip men ty all for action. also the guy above me gets drunk off 1 beer and cries on ts about getting bullied in high school LOOOOOOOOOOOL
  5. Dude you guys had SOOOOO many fucking mains lol. wasn’t the whole idea behind legacy opening to never ever use mains? I recall that being what you guys always said.
  6. Wasn’t LYs entire point of opening to set an example by NOT bringing mains? Like that was their whole point. No mains no matter what. lol thanks for exposing these retards. Fucking scumbags man
  7. Defiantly one of the funner trips of the month. Ty for fights everyone
  8. Good pull hydra didn’t know you guys were still around. Just don’t run in to you much. Glad to see you out there
  9. Ah yes rs is shit in wildy and clw and creates a fuck ton of propaganda to stay relevant. Not working buds
  10. Oooo you sound incredibly tough buddy. It doesn’t bother me any. I’m just simply curious why you can’t ACTUALLY compete.
  11. (2) (16) 2 is an acceptable amount of scouts. 16 is ridiculous. Ps not a rage member. just always wondered why sup has always had the opportunity to have clean action but refuses to do so.
  12. Grats on the action but for real if rage doesn’t have mains (pics show it) why do you? Why not just have some good old fashion clean pure vs pure fights?
  13. Dude I was watching that opt counter like oh fuck oh fuck haha Jesus so close
  14. Tbh one of the funner fights I’ve had since reopening. You guys put in work for sure
  15. Ah yes but closed during that rivalry? Lmao wassssnt UB
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