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  1. Pkeru

    weekend Team rev and friends banish Apex from Caves 20v20

    Apex is shit and dead hahaha
  2. Pkeru

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Let be honest. CD has been pulling 40s for 2 weeks now and brought mains first (I think) either way stop with the propaganda topics lol legacy is getting there too pulling 40s soon
  3. Pkeru

    Word on the street

    I Closed it moron
  4. I said it when they started to pipe a month ago. It shouldn't be long..lool
  5. Pkeru

    weekend BP's Sunday Trip

    How about I camp you. Fs dead. Thank Godea for the free leaks my boy coming thru.
  6. Pkeru

    weekend BP's Sunday Trip

    Lmao CD losing to a rev team..
  7. Lmao I told you. Called it. CD will bring mains, lose, and then close.
  8. Apex pulled 35 to their p2p server

     Big yokes. It's time for closure. Let your members have a good time in other high pulling clans.

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    2. kyleG


      remember when apex pulled 200 big yikes 

    3. DilL


      big yokes indeed pkeru, big yokes indeed

    4. Sliq


      4 hours ago, DilL said:

      big yokes indeed pkeru, big yokes indeed


  9. Lmfao you're a dirty Haitian who gets roasted by wkmagic. You're a laughing stock lmfao get a job. I'm white and always will be above you lmfao
  10. You funny. You're some poor nig that would ask me for money every day lmfao. I gave you over 5m broke ass because I felt sorry. I didnt even try and got a rank, you barely got exp member. You realized people felt bad for you, third world country scum lmaooo
  11. Remember who did this to you.


    200 to 40 lmfao 


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    2. Cleezy


      surely you wouldn't be scared to prep us then right?

    3. smokepurpp


      @Cleezyu werent even there when apex prepped foe LMFAO. ur a shitter from MF

    4. Cleezy


      Never been in MF good one l0l last time I shit on fo was a very easy 60v60 they been hiding since smh.