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  1. ye classic fo start losing the rivalry BAD then bring 50 mains and still lose l0l0l0
  2. Stay triggered virgin bark for me lmfao
  3. Reality is all apex has is P2P cwa, cant claim #1 if you're scared to fight another decent clan. Apex really has no leverage in this conversation considering they pull dog piss on weekends as well lol.
  4. LMAO it's 2020 and @Remyis still slaving for a pure clan with no education, no job, and no life, holy cringe man
  5. Not defending EOP, just stating that we objectively shit on you for 3 years straight and now FI is doing the same and you got triggered l0l. You're still actively playing and slaving for fo in 2020 (also an objective fact), get a life u fuckin loser l0l. Reply if mad btw
  6. Imagine writing this brick wall post in 2020 like i'd read it l0l stay mad virgin
  7. Don't know who you are because you're using an anon account in 2020 (imagine being that big of a loser) but i can tell that you are also another spastic fo kid that EOP traumatized when we shit on you for 3 years straight. 2 years later and we're still in your head l000000l take a shower and get some sunlight you weirdo
  8. What would i be mad about lol i haven't played this game in well over 2 years now and you're still mad that EOP shit on your clan for 3 years straight + you're slaving for fo in 2020 l0l nice life u bald headed weirdo
  9. You're actually a prime example of the victims in fo that suffer from PTSD because of what EOP did to you. Didn't you start balding over this game when we were stomping ur fucking head in l000000l???? 3 years of getting shit on by EOP, now you're getting slumped by the likes of FI l00000l dont ever quote me again you bald nerd.
  10. Give them a break bro , the 20% of the non-glory hunter fo kids still around from the EOP era literally have PTSD from what we did to them l000l
  11. Nothing new here, same shit as when EOP stomped fo's fucking head in for 3 years straight, as soon as a half decent clan gives them competition they crumble lmao.
  12. fo getting punished mashallah al hamdulillah
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