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  1. 2016 EOTLP vs Fi/SV HPC was fun af and MPC was thriving at the time too
  2. JoJo

    Dream rank lineup

    Bv hassan, control pker.
  3. JoJo

    real reason y eop died

    low key this was sick lmfao
  4. lmao they rly thought they could take wooski out with a weak ass headshot
  5. cuz clans like fo ruin everything l0l
  6. T0T8vwu.png

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    2. JoJo


      @0ldschooler so fucking accurate lmfao

    3. Sliq



      What are you trying to prove? They pull 125 now lmao

      Made eop bring 60+ mains to compete 

    4. Erik


      Stfu jojo

  7. This is what we did to fo all of 2018 LOL so ye i'd say we win these rivalries.
  8. No propaganda or trolling i legit dont remember the last time fo has beaten us in a rivalry lol, they spent all of 2018 pulling 40 because of us (someone please quote me saying i'm lying and ill pull up fo topic of them admitting they were slumping lmfao) what makes u think it will be any different this time? IR/Sup has actually been a really solid rivalry if im being honest, hope it keeps going back and forth.
  9. please dont waste your time with 2017 clanner @Deviants lol he was not around in 2016 when EOP dropped all mains for 3 weeks (so clans would prep us again) and in response Fo/FI/Sup/Rage created cluster 124 and still wouldn't prep us lmfao (friendly reminder we bullied Fo/Fi into LPC scene and made rage close and sup pull 30 LOL) Never again will i take any clans complaining about use of mains serious especially when that same clan brings mains themselves, albeit less because ye at the end of the day EoP is better at being cancer, get with it or get lost.
  10. Who are you? Cba to reply to kids who are legit so socially awkward they hide behind anonymous acounts in 2018 lmfao get a grip u fucking geek
  11. Man these fom tears taste so fucking good lmfaoooooooooooo meanwhile im still high af from yesterday smoking the dog piss out of them @TBR btw friendly reminder that it was you who was literally sniping fo with 20 mains a little while ago, ahh how the times have changed, very cringe brother.
  12. JoJo

    Biggest pure clan fight?

    probably the TLP+EOP vs SV/FI/CD fight at corp hill was like 250v250 cba to find vid Was also a 175v175 EoP vs fo when we smoked the fuck out of them on their anni
  13. ye pulling 175/150 to our trips is not consistent lmao