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  1. you guys out returned us towards the end gf, but we were dominating the first hour and change of the fight as both perspectives show. kinda funny how you diced up the audio.
  2. 20 mains in picture and you still got cleared . LMFAO
  3. Foe needs to deal with their internal issues instead of piping up

  4. lol mans still get the audacity to post a topic and spam it by themselves. LOL how the mighty have fallen.

    1. Zalmon


      Mighty? They were never mighty lmao.

      Mediocre at best

  5. hard to have an aftermath when you didn't get to do anything. Get used to it. its only down hill from here.

  6. was ez as shit whoever has ig of F2p preps, got so broken he was returning in glory + black salamander.
  7. mans out here unplugged his ethernet cable calling ddos LMFAO
  8. victimes come together, we gotta let sleeping dogs lay. and just keep beating them its too easy 1 v1. Gf rage. Gl your alliance.
  9. they cant compete with us 1 v 1, either way we dubbed them a couple of times after, not to mention yesterdays rape. yikes.
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