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  1. Not sure where your getting that information from. Since April 1st, 2020 according to the Clan Wars section of Sharkbrew: Clan Rage is 19W / 2L in F2P preps. Apex is 8W / 4L in F2P preps. 3 of Apex's losses were to Clan Rage. Apex has had 5 F2P preps since the end of the Sharkbrew F2P tourny(including the 2v2 event), while Clan Rage has had 12. Sadly, I think the sharks have given up on being #1 F2P ever since we gave them a 3-0 pummeling in the SB tourny finals. Must have been pretty demoralizing.
  2. Absolute domination, fo getting slaughtered like pigs
  3. 3 min pov of FO suiciding to rage, classic. sit in the clump and die
  4. First fo avoids a sharkbrew f2p tourny match vs rage - forfeiting the win to rage. Now fo avoids the april COTM prep that was set up because they've been dodging pm's for months - once again forfeiting the win to rage. Noticing a trend about our boys in blue.
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