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  1. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Supremacy is a peasant clan lil peasant
  2. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Supremacy is sucky sucky freak
  3. How many clans need to close into supremacy before they become relevant?

    1. Juicy


      howmany sandcrab spots need to be added into the game befor IR become relevant

    2. hotkeying


      2 hours ago, Juicy said:

      howmany sandcrab spots need to be added into the game befor IR become relevant


  4. Madguy

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Whatever you do don’t join supremacy, theyve had 6 clans close into them in the last year and a half and theyre still the most average clan out there. join apex if you want to improve as a p2p warrer and become one of the elites
  5. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Supremacy is fucking ass cheeks lil nigga
  6. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Supremacy fking sucks lil bitch
  7. Madguy

    cwa Fatality vs Supremacy - P2P Prep - [3-0]

    Supremacy is easy
  8. Madguy

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    Rip join apex
  9. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Yes ill keep preaching the truth, supremacy is a dog fuckin shit clan
  10. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Easiest reel of my life lmfao, God you supremacy kids are easy @Mustafa @Leading @Tango Wins Again @DilL @Brock_Lesnar Always beneath me, apex and ir
  11. Madguy

    pure lol ir

    Would be funny if they didnt beat you in almost everything lmfao
  12. Ye I watched MF pov and mf won that 2nd fight, as for the 1st fight supremacy decided to tele out on 20v13 for some reason and gave them the win while being up. Weak leadership on sups part
  13. Someone in sup please convince @Mustafa to never vid again, one of the worst mage POVs ive ever seen until he switched to nrange which was really average
  14. Madguy

    pure :b: HISKY

    Seriously man like 50% of the decisions you make are one big curb your enthousiasm meme