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  1. Madguy

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    Sup back to their main using ways I see
  2. Rofl fo, this is what happens when you avoid the big dogs for an entire year. Ur not even #2 anymore LOOL

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    2. Cleezy


      3 hours ago, Madguy said:

      @xyp9xrofl Imagine valueing a number game(wildy) over member quality(clan wars) holy fuck fo sucks cock and still avoids apex


    3. xyp9x


      Keep barking like the dumb doggs you are l0l0l, at the end of the day apex is a clan bunch of rejects who gets daddy rot to protect them, how embarrasing  isnt that lmao!

    4. Cleezy


      Stay hiding @xyp9xyou can't beat anyone in a matched opts fight (clearly l00000000l 0-3 last night l00000l) we been waiting 10 months for a fair fight but beta fo stays avoiding. See you this weekend, hopefully you rats wear capes this time (and not Apex capes like last April when you dogs were hiding from EoP l0000000000l)

  3. Mustafa is sweating, grinding his teeth in anger in front of his computer rn trying 2 come up with examples to prove you wrong @nawebe careful LMFAO, hes camping this topic as I type
  4. Id be more embarrased if I went from outburst (irrelevant but okish clan, not really worth mentioning) to supremacy (clan that cant compete matched opts with clanners who have 6-12 months of experience under their belt aka ir)
  5. Can someone is sup put this xPoo kid back in his cage?
  6. Madguy

    Nawe wins again

    IR is so far above supremacy in p2p quality its not even debatable whos better matched at this point lmfao. which is funny as fuck to me since they are all sandcrabbers and supremacy supposedly has a more experienced core since 6-7 clans closed into them in the past 2 years
  7. Madguy

    Nawe wins again

    Has been really interesting rivalry to follow, up until now supremacy relied on a couple clans that closed into them to keep them in it. If not for Rage, Phoenix, Outburst and a couple other clans supremacy wouldve long since closed
  8. Madguy

    Who are the best warrers rn?

    Most accurate
  9. Bro showing me povs of u beating apex in F2P in 2016 is like showing me a wheelchair kid with a dull hatchet, trying his best to kill a washed up shark on some sandy ass beach. apex was out of their dept against any F2P clan in 2016 lmao and yes I just compared CD with a crippled kid in a wheelchair.
  10. CD was never good in F2P sorry
  11. Terrible assumption based on your gut feeling? Sorry but as an apex member I’m allowed to tell you that supremacy is dogshit, and the countless closed clans that merged with you saved your ass in your rivalry with IR ROFL
  12. Just wondering how easy this rivalry wouldve been for IR if you didnt have 7 clans close into you over the span of 2 years rofl
  13. Madguy

    Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite | 25v25 | 2-1 | P2P

    Rofl fo is #5 P2P matched yikes
  14. Madguy

    apex reminder

    Oh no