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  1. Terrible assumption based on your gut feeling? Sorry but as an apex member I’m allowed to tell you that supremacy is dogshit, and the countless closed clans that merged with you saved your ass in your rivalry with IR ROFL
  2. Just wondering how easy this rivalry wouldve been for IR if you didnt have 7 clans close into you over the span of 2 years rofl
  3. Madguy

    Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite | 25v25 | 2-1 | P2P

    Rofl fo is #5 P2P matched yikes
  4. This @Bertokid is not woke whatsoever lmfao, poor guy
  5. Ir smoking supremacy in that 65v65 prep was an expected result fight me if you disagree
  6. Madguy

    apex reminder

    Oh no
  7. We are BY FAR the best p2p matched clan, and the worst p2p matched clan beating fo means we have no competition at all.
  8. Madguy

    pure Nox

    Nah youve been biased long before banning apex, and I’m not expecting you to cater to my needs, I told you you’re bad at making memes 😂
  9. So you got pressured into going with supremacy on saturdays I see
  10. Madguy

    pure Nox

    Yes nice bait but you need to be told you’re bad at making memes before you get positive feedback from this fom/supremacy circlejerk of a site (aka the clans you chose to side with as an “unbiased” site)
  11. Madguy

    pure Nox

    Id be salty too if 1/2 of the lpc scene didnt use my site lmfao
  12. Madguy

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    Hostility=/= supremacy same thing imo plenty of 1 year old clans that competed with the best at the time; epidemic, Nme, Control etc etc
  13. Madguy

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    Lmfao fo, this is what happend when you avoid us and don’t dare to step in clw
  14. Madguy

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    I gave your clan a compliment lil nigga LOL. As far as IR goes they have a bigger legacy and from what I remember from being in MM at the time they had stints (pre eoc) of pulling 70-80 which hostility never accomplished. IR was in a clw rivalry with TLP, wildy rivalry with chaotic. Fought clans like EOP, CP and FI 2010 2011 era meanwhile was you competing with clans like EF and Malice V2 lmfao if you’re eluding to 2012 when every clan was dogshit because of the prospect of EOC I already quit the game back then so idk.