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  1. Can’t remember the last time fo prepped a clan that they would 90% lose to lmao
  2. Lmfao, not even mentioning the 1x speed and grandpa-esque binding/positioning... respect
  3. 25 def is acceptable, 30 def is big yikes
  4. The CWA prods joined outrage, the rev kids joined resistance so ye
  5. Fucking terrible, will make tanking impossible, and a big tank/drag is pretty much the only way you can make a play in F2P
  6. Yo CD could you do the pure community a big big favor and close? You’re an embarrasment in terms of both quality and main usage.

    not even truly hating, just really embarrased to be in the same scene as CD.... sorry guys

    1. Scims
    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      if only anyone gave a fuck about your opinion

  7. @Jamzwhat kind of beta shit is this LOL, you guys raped sup be proud
  8. How can you possibly give the wrong awnser to every single one of those
  9. Lmfao you truly are ape level intellegence yikes
  10. Idk buddy, whats more concerning is that you’re continiously getting baited into bumping a 2,5 months old topic showing terrible supremacy quality. (Imagine having sub 80 IQ and getting baited by a swede for 3 months straight LMFAO)
  11. And we beat you the prep before that one in F2P, we don’t even take that shit serious lmfao😂
  12. @Tango Wins Again idk what to tell you apart from the fact that supremacy’s only redeeming quality is being a shaky #2 with rune scimitars and maple shortbows in a matched setting (which takes close to 0 individual skill btw) @naweIR closed bro get over it, you guys had a good run and beat supremacy 80% of the time, but yeah supremacy will never close even if their trips are dogfo
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