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Found 18 results

  1. Clan Chat: PL Clan Chat Discord: https://discord.gg/MSMeZrc Clan Requirements: 110+ Combat 85+ Magic Pk sets Discord Clan Ranks: Leader: TNA,Catkisser, Pk Leader: Billbert,Brunooo,Melo High Council: 4ln,albert,gogge Info: Plague opened July 11th, 2019 as a group of friends wanting to make a name for ourselves in the Runescape community. We are a fast growing community for people wanting to dominate the wilderness. We are active everyday ! We are both NA / EU so there will be members online 24/7. We host rev trips almost everyday.We will start doing macing trips / baiting. We also go out singles Pking if that's your style as well. If you are looking to have the best experience Pking (multi/singles) plague is the right place for you!
  2. Cutthroat opened June 1st, 2015 as a mid-level, P2P, multi pking clan with an elite single unit (single is not required to join). It's leadership team is comprised of experienced leaders who have a long and rich history of various leadership roles throughout dozens of multi and single teams since 2003. One of our great strengths is our community, which has a core group of close friends who have known each other for years mixed with newcomers from various multi and single backgrounds. Our community is one that loves to joke around, laugh and hang out on TS every day. We pride ourselves in having a great group of friends that can have fun in and outside of the game. Cutthroat also prides itself on integrity and makes a point to avoid propaganda and baiting and does not condone ddosing in any way, shape or form. We like to let our skills and success in the wilderness speak for itself and our topics will reflect that. We have trips almost every day as long as there is action and we will frequently go out more than once a day (especially on weekends). If you are interested in joining an active, experienced pking clan as well as finding a great community that you can have fun with, Cutthroat is a great choice for you! Visit ct-rs.net and introduce yourself! Additional Information regarding requirements & joining: Our requirements are ideal for any mid level, zerker, or tank and can be achieved with a little bit of hard work. We chose our requirements based on our desire to recruit a very diverse member base that can fight other mid level teams as well as hold its own against mains when need be. While our requirements may seem challenging to get, we hope that meeting both our level and gear requirements will be your first step in proving your dedication to Cutthroat. Please note our levels range from 90-112 combat. Our single unit requires a separate application to join and you will be testing prior to being allowed on a single trip. This is to ensure that our single unit stays top notch and continues to represent the level of excellence Cutthroat stands for in all aspects of pking.
  3. Considering going 25-30 defense. Good benefits and unique builds. Thoughts? also, any clans or smaller teams still accept 25-30 def accounts?
  4. INTOLERANCE 500+ IN DISCORD / WEEKLY DROP PARTIES / DAILY REV - PK TRIPS / WEEKLY MASSES Hey guys, this is a recruitment topic for intolerance.. You may have heard us being referred to as "Pixel Mafia".. we've been kind of... Undercover and not posting on sharkbrew or coming to official events while we've been building up numbers and momentum. We are now happy to say we are officially open with this weekend being our official opening weekend! (Vids incoming) https://youtu.be/-H_M46He1Uk We are happy to take this first step to becoming an official clan, as we're really active in the wilderness and with inners events. Staff Member List Leader: 0vl High Council: Hi7 High Council: Chicken Talk Warlord:Ree_Skrtw00f Council:LORD_MAGICKZ Captain:KittieSpit Captain:L42D If this is something that interests you, please feel free to Pop into our official channels: Clanchat: Mafia_CC Discord: https://discord.gg/HVge3v - or add 0vl#8123 Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to attending official events and weekend masses with ya'll... 0vl
  5. Before EOC, Pixel Mafia (now known as Intolerance) was called Pixel Mafia - and one of the founding members was a guy called "Pixel Pigeon".. When I took a hiatus he had just joined Foe.. Then Ive heard since then he had joined EOP then the trail kinda goes cold (youtube deleted etc) Does anyone know if he still plays or his new IGN? Feel free to PM 0vl#8123
  6. I am a returning player of taking a 10 year break, and have over 6 years game and clan leadership experience. I am looking for someone who would like to make a brand new clan. I wish to be your partner and help build our clan from the ground up. With my expertise and support I wish to be known as the co-leader/founder of the clan with a gold star rank. I am open to any ideas you have for the clan and am up for anything. I wish to start my journey by finding a runescape family where we can help each other out. The clan must use discord as it will be easier to interact with each other. I of course would help in the recruitment process and all other admin. A little bit about my goals for my account is 99 untrimmed slay cape while remaining 1 def and 1 pray, as i love to pk and that slay cape untrimmed is omgoodnes! OSRS CLAN!
  7. Hello, "Sharkbrew" and "Visitors" my name is -Harrison T. Holt- or feel free to cal me by my Rsn: Ah Boo or by Rsn: Perpsi. Time zone: GMT/U.S Central I'm a 21 year old from Southern Texas and THE founder of "Perpetual Suffering" tag: (#perp) a 1def pure clan, among-st three other Co-Owners Rsn: Zane NZ, Rsn: HIT EM and owner Rsn: nh saphaxous. We used to be members that of clan Purepks, but as of recent events the clan was abandoned, thus resulting in the collapse of clan Purepks. After the collapse of Purepks and me already in the process of making a new clan, three other members and I sought out to salvage and save that of what we could from Purepks and begin too build from what we could save. In no time, a new clan rapidly emerged, giving birth to clan "Perpetual Suffering." With this new clan of ours, steadily continue to grow bigger and stronger, our goals and standards of what we expect as a clan have not changed! We strive to become one of the most respected, well structured, organized and trusted clans in RuneScape, while also meeting the needs and wants that of our clan members, in ways everyone can agree on and benefit from! Feel free to Pm for any questions you may have! -Founder of Perpetual Suffering Ah Boo
  8. Friendly mini against StrikeTeam 6-0 in rounds 2-0 in sets Arvis POV Good fight ST! We hope to have more fights in the future P.S I miss V A A K
  9. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Best Core Unbreakable headed out with 50 EPIC OWNERS ready to CHIMP THE FUCK OUT on any and all clans that stood before us. Interestingly enough no matter what we did we COULD NOT STOP GWASING PX. Today's trip took us all over the wild including scenic venues such as CORP CAVE(lmfao), AL-KHARID PALACE, and BANDITS, and yet wherever our adventures took us PX DIED VIA BARRAGE EN MASSE REPEATEDLY. Thanks to our clans superior leadership, massive primate brains, and opposable thumbs we were able to capitalize on our sightseeing and KILL ALL CLANS whilst beating our chests. We also buzzed milzan's head for a staff of the dead. GOOD JOB GANG. YOURS TRULY ZEKER SPOILERS FOR MASSIVE OWNAGE
  10. Community | Outburst Rs Grouped up 17 hungry Panthers to smoke Rampiss + Zoom. brown sticky stuff clans decided to try and team on Daddy Outburst. We showed them what that does and made them end pretty quickly. Also had some nice tussles with HIT Clan and ATL. Ty for action pissers!
  11. I cannot lie after getting nearly smoked by them I proceeded to drop their level 80s/90s for around 15m+ 1 iteming with 2 other pure friends they had 40+ followed em world to world for free loots missed a little but ez
  12. Name: Misfits | GWAS FLASHBACK | MISFITS | 2/3/2017 Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 04 February 2017 - 11:18 PM Short Description: GWAS FLASHBACK | MISFITS | 2/3/2017 This is all for fun, I respect doom and their amazing play they had at corp, I've watched that video all week up until this p2p trip and thought I could try to make a funny clip out Dooms Gwas and Misfits Gwas View Video
  13. Name: DMK Unofficial Monday Trip 16v28 v BP Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 21 November 2016 - 11:11 PM Short Description: Unofficial Monday PK Trip, outnumbered against BP but still won. Respect to them as they're one of the only other LPCs to PK everyday no matter the numbers. View Video
  14. Went P2P pking with 30 big cock Rage Grizzly Bears and killed tomatos dead for their loot pics below Join the most active MPC today at clan-rage.com
  15. I am looking for a clan i'm currently 75 combat my stats currently are 75 attack 80 str 1 def 90 range 94 mage and 88 hp i'm a decent pker and will fill any position. I'm quite new to the pure community but I've pked in a lot of main multi clans
  16. Name: Mini vid Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 17 September 2015 - 02:28 AM Short Description: Enjoy! View Video
  17. Name: Our Cape. (Alcher's Speech) Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 22 February 2015 - 04:49 PM Short Description: Our Cape View Video
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