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  1. If your interested private message me in game or on here
  2. I am a returning player of taking a 10 year break, and have over 6 years game and clan leadership experience. I am looking for someone who would like to make a brand new clan. I wish to be your partner and help build our clan from the ground up. With my expertise and support I wish to be known as the co-leader/founder of the clan with a gold star rank. I am open to any ideas you have for the clan and am up for anything. I wish to start my journey by finding a runescape family where we can help each other out. The clan must use discord as it will be easier to interact with each other. I of course would help in the recruitment process and all other admin. A little bit about my goals for my account is 99 untrimmed slay cape while remaining 1 def and 1 pray, as i love to pk and that slay cape untrimmed is omgoodnes! OSRS CLAN!
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