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  1. Hey m8! I was wandering if I was able to get a name change for my account? If so and if its of no trouble, id like to change to from Ah Boo to PS AhBOO? :)

  2. In need of a program for recording and editing our team fights, a little on the broke side right now, something free preferably! #ps
  3. #AAO & #PS back at it! Good brown sticky stuff my boiiis
  4. If you've got a problem then address it little kid

  5. FUCK ALL THESE CUCKS, sup n ranges!
  6. Ascent is brown sticky stuff! We steady have the leaks. #perp gang
  7. Good brown sticky stuff ma dudes, we always enjoy the Pk trips with yall! UNDERCOVER JUGGERS #perp gang
  8. I stand for my own people. What our presentation lacks in, makes up for in member quality. Every effort made is to benefit #perp and #perp only. Ladders need to be climbed to get to the top, that we are doing. Might just want to keep an eye out m8's.
  9. - We are a clan made up of veteran players as well as new ones. Started by a group of friends, the clan's focus is to provide a well organized, well structured pure clan, with members constantly active in game providing continues Pk trips no matter the time of day, members that are above average, if not higher skilled Pker's. - Co-Owners: nh saphaxous + HIT EM + Zane NZ add and pm one of us for the CC Info. -We also have a Discord. Once your are a registered member on the forums you will be invited to join. -Requirements: Pure's - cmb lvl 67 - cmb lvl 82 Zerk's - cmb lvl 77 - cmb lvl 96 You need to be active at least 4+ days out of the week Downloading Discord is a MUST for Pking Must be registered on our web forums + having done an intro as well
  10. Knees will fold.

    1. Fazing


      hi aao minion

    2. Ah Boo

      Ah Boo

      Not a minion, but an executioner.

      I fight for my own people! Those who stand in my way, will fold.

  11. Your knees shall fold soon m8, please wait inline!
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