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  1. stfu your clan legit suicides for supremacy (a clan that you hate l0l)
  2. a recent audio leak l0l nice trip you fucking dweebs
  3. How does the clan with only pures and no other clan aiding them (rage) outlast the one being helped by multiple mains and losers from other clans (legacy & sup) l0l
  4. yikes ronald imagine being in good clans previously and actually being proud about being in shitty legacy l00l hope you didnt give that dutch pk moms spastic money for this 30 second audio that happened over a month ago (not today lmfao)
  5. @DilLfrom the undisputed voice of reason. you were needed online today btw dildo, the 2vs1 attempts are a lot worse when you arent mass highlighting ly ranks pms l0l
  6. easy, buying more ts slots so we can pull 110 next weekend
  7. come home to see the boys smoking sup l00l @[email protected] pk trip after recruiting all morning you degenerate mute fucks btw u stupid nigers
  8. another loss for the worst pure clan of the last 4 years
  9. @┣┫_88 neo nazi loser l0l you have no legs
  10. says a lot about yourself that "desperate clan" rage banned you for being a big retard irl
  11. why does every sup/ly wilderness event become infested with mains:spinthink:

  12. @Hampeep a winning topic little guy start using ur mic so you can actually recruit l000l
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