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  1. Waifu Pillow

    Top 11 Snipe Teams in OSRS

    apex is a very good f2p snipe team that normally pulls 20 to saturday trips
  2. remember when you used to complain to me about apex shitty f2p calling haha
  3. Waifu Pillow

    Quick Reminder Regarding Sharkbrew Leaking IPs..

    typical ir making false claims, perhaps their members should stop visiting dodgy websites or clicking suspicious links
  4. Waifu Pillow

    Apex Btw

    Apex in the wilderness is a joke lmao
  5. Waifu Pillow

    This is why we can't have nice things...

    theyre right, its a retarded reward and ill also vote no for it
  6. dmk quality l0000l expected result right there
  7. daily reminder ir: 


  8. best thing about this trip was breaking ir to the point that their using mains and level 3s to boost the cape counter lmfao
  9. wait wtf i thought supremacy was the scum clan??? guess it was ir all along lmao
  10. Waifu Pillow


    apex pre-ub/cp/sv joining tier quality banter (not good btw lmao)
  11. Waifu Pillow

    announcement Troll Accs

    respect for using alt troll accs