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Found 4 results

  1. My friends over at Team Blitz showing fh who is boss @Fudog u thought also a Little bants in the beginning smoking OB’s fall in leader
  2. Community | Outburst Rs Today is Sunday and The Almighty Outburst Panthers massed up 38 for a day full of bullying brown sticky stuff clans. We had a scheduled prep with RT for 4PM EST MASS 4:30PM EST START and they decided to back out. l000000000000000000000l. Then when we went out to the wildy, they stood in edge before going back to clan wars to do inners. ????????????????????????? Rampiss got walked on a very tight leash all day, along with those FH dogs. IDK what the RP ranks are thinking. Close already... Ascent got bullied at fog as well. This scene needs some true competitors. Who will step up to the plate to fight Daddy Outburst? @exzrts @Jackson
  3. Community | Outburst Rs Grouped up 17 hungry Panthers to smoke Rampiss + Zoom. brown sticky stuff clans decided to try and team on Daddy Outburst. We showed them what that does and made them end pretty quickly. Also had some nice tussles with HIT Clan and ATL. Ty for action pissers!
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