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  1. The same 60-70 that lost at Barbarian Village in a PvP world where the multi loggers couldn't be effective as you were unable to PJ? Your clan is 14 years of age, you destroyed every single thing that built the foundation of your very clan and turned into your worst enemies. You do nothing but crash clans and starve anyone who has a slight chance to beat you as you have no faith in your member quality as well as have too much unnecessary pride which will ultimately tilt your member base to a point of no return, thus reducing your pulls to the same as every other clan which is something you will not be able to withstand. You have been Anti Outrage from the moment you heard about us, you have decided to crash each and every single one of our fights without fail, you have even gone as far as to camp us in single, drop a substantial amount of opts and then leave, not only once, but three times. You used mains openly for the first time this weekend after me and my members got under your skin by telling you the harsh reality of your clan, and have decided to openly use my members full name in-game under tanks that your leadership own as well as ddos my teamspeak, my internet and one of my members too. You have had a chance to correct things, you have had multiple opportunities to prove to everyone that you aren't what we're claiming to be, yet you still have managed to execute the facade of being victims as everyone has finally seen through your bullshit. You may have your members brainwashed for the time being, but the pure community as well as my clan understand your intentions and are fully aware of what you're trying to accomplish with this. You've had clans with little to no backbone to withstand the cancer that you've brought, but that will not be the case with me or my clan. Anyone who does not share this mentality will be removed from Outrage, and we will continue to honour this rivalry by retaliating in the exact same way that you have. I promise that you will live to regret all the decisions that you have made these past few weeks, you will not break me, you will not close my clan, it does not matter what you think, I am telling you what I know. I gave your clan a reason to fight, I moulded your clan into what it is, you merely adopted my mentality and then finally learned from your stupid mistakes on your anniversary and abused the lack of competitiveness in the scene to use it and now for some odd reason you think that you're hot shit LMFAO. You were bullied for years on end and finally decided to act in the same way as any other clan who tormented you on people who've done nothing remotely close to you or anybody in your clan. I really do hope you are prepared for what is to come for what's next. No peace talks, no white flags.
  2. bait people into watching the video for a non-existant audio, 200 iq fuhond
  3. who is that nigga fire blasting lmfao that's disrespectful
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