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  1. Nothing but losses out here for UB 😂

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Thanks for coming to cheerlead! Don’t forget the skirt next time 

    2. Ibra


      Nothing but losses out here for UB 😂

  2. @UB Public Relations hit the life alert today lmfao. this won't stop until your closed btw.

  3. Hahahaha never beat fs and never will lmfao so shit
  4. Rage has never and will never win anything vs fs lmfao

    1. Bruta


      I dont get why people always keep lying, Fs was never a good competition in the big boy leagues. Only in xlpc you guys were decent.

    2. Ibra


      Lmfao you got fucked by fs in invictus and rage hahahahahahaha ur extra shit

  5. Best Wilderness Clan: apex, foe Best Cwa Clan: apex, outrage Best overall clan: apex, foe Most active clan: apex, damage control Most favorite clan rivalry: rage v sup, ir v sup Most improved clan: onslaught, hydra Most honorable clan: apex, onslaught Most likely to use mains in 2020: ub, sup Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: fatality, ly Most likely to be an edgeville clan in 2020: ly, rage Upcoming clan of 2020: bp, hydra ----- Individual awards Best F2P Caller: Nox, nerdy Best P2P Caller: Nox, nerdy Biggest one bang: fudog, scims Best leader: Nox, pxtyler Worst leader: hanu, sam Funniest Sharkbrew member: rainz, 1800sitdown Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: fudog, slush Most hated Sharkbrew mod: slush, dill Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: uzi, flower
  6. Lmao @Fudogbaited you into watching his whole video
  7. rage never beat fs in any fight ever lmaoooo so bad

  8. Lmao rage never beat fs ever hahahahahaha
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