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  1. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Rage asked us for big p2p mini so we accepted. Both clans pulled about 20 and we had some great fun together. We had strong p2p performances this week, ending 13-2 in rounds. Grats UB, ty 4 fight rage bear clan
  2. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up around 31 gamers for our grudge match against RS. We had pretty good tanking and piling today and came away with the win. Thanks for the fight gamers! Round 1 Win Round 2 Win Round 3 unlucky VC POV Alex POV w0c POV Jackal POV
  3. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Legacy asked us for a big p2p mini this week and we accepted. Both clans had pretty decent pulls (we had like 30 lmao) and it was a nice battle. Although we won 6-0, the rounds were much closer than the score suggests. GJ gamers thanks for fight. Jackal POV (only got 4 rounds) Nishi POV (only got 2 rounds)
  4. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Some boys were running security on a high value PVM target and in doing so ran into many many randoms near GDZ who surprising had a lot of loot. We had a nice lil return fight vs some angry mains and milked them for what could accurately be described 'the lot'. Eventually our clean 1v1 with 10 mains in loot was crashed by more mains so we escaped and banked our millions. It was surprisingly active and we all actually made some pretty good money. Thx mains!
  5. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Peaked at like 46 gamers and feasted on basically everyone. There was constant cluster action where we threw our weight around getting solid hits off on almost every clan and in between clusters we found some good 1v1s with SUP and Onslaught that we dominated. GF all gamers feel free to watch vids for big ownage on everyone. Dean POV Adrian pov w0c POV
  6. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Headed out with 43 gamers for our weekly F2P ownage and as always owning is exactly what we did. We started off the trip by having a nice little 40v40 with Supremacy and had a pretty nice little lead by the time clans came to crash. We also battled Resistance a handful of times and although some were more or less instantly crashed, the ones that werent were pretty good fights with us having a nice lead in each. In our last fight of the night we had a 30 minute 40v40+ clean 1v1 with RS that ended with us getting a full clear on them. TY for fights all and good shit UB on another great trip. Join UB today @ ub-rs.com Jackal POV Nishi POV Dean POV VC POV W0C POV
  7. BEAST MODE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2020 IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Headed out to vennie caves to extract wealth from them and we did just that!! Within 5 minutes of our trip starting we extracted an elder maul and from then on it was smooth sailing. We ran into small main teams and got free kills and also ran into a small group of DC that we killed. After a couple hours of ownage we decided to call it a day. Thx for loot etc.
  9. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up 30 gamers and battled Rage for F2P clout. After a real close round 1 even with me calling the wrong directions the entire time, we knew if we turned our brains on we could take the victory. Round 2 was a hard fought battle coming down to a 5v5 and in round 3 we went transition city with a big tank from our aussie leader Braden to take the 2-1 win. Thx for fights gamers and good job UB clan!! VC POV Jackal POV Adrian POV
  10. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Headed out with 50 gamers (we back lmao) and wreaked havoc. We kept hitting clusters and we kept owning noobs. We had a couple fights with rs, bullied apex, had a nice 3 way battle with bp/ly, gwas'd rage, bonded with dc, we did it all. Overall a pretty solid first P2P trip of 2020 for the UB gang. Good shit UB, keep it up. vc POV Dean POV
  11. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube We returned from our long holiday break and picked up right where we left off. Although we had a lower pull (38) than normal as we definitely didnt hype trips up as much as some other clans, we had the perfect pull to absolutely slam apex 5 times in clean 1v1s. Over and over again we'd run into apex and absolutely embarrass them with superior piling, calling, tanking, returning, everything. We'd run in, drop their opts almost immediately and then remain up double their opts for the remainder of every single fight until they were either cleared, forced to single, or the fight was crashed. Good try fellas you should work on your quality instead of trying to bring tanks though 😃 GJ Men be on tomorrow. Braden pov Dean apex cleared in clean 1v1 on return spot in 2020 btw POV Jackal POV VC pov Nishi POV Adrian POV
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