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  1. gf apex, you guys have done well for yourselves c u around pure clanners
  2. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Best Core Unbreakable clan massed up 40 men for our P2P Prep vs the foe clan. After getting demolished in F2P, we wanted this win badly. After a very good start and a win round 1, round 2 caused some drama as someone in UB moved and foe ended up attacking on our defending round. After a short flame session we decided to just slam them in the 3rd pkri round which is exactly what we did. Thanks for the prep. Round 1 34v34 18 remain Round 2 ruled a no contest by the UNBREAKABLE clan commission Round 3 38v38 27 remain Deziqn POV Tyen POV Moni POV JD POV
  3. http://ub-rs.com/community/ - ts.ub-rs.com - UB RS cc - https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 One year ago Unbreakable opened our doors. A small group of friends got together and decided to open a clan during probably the worst time in pure clanning history. We knew it would not be the same but we also knew we would find the fun in it no matter what. And we did. The first few months of Unbreakable was pretty much what we expected – the top pulling clans had maybe 40 pures and an equal amount of mains while the lower pulling clans were similar but not quite as dedicated to the main cause. We found fun in our battles against the other lower pulling clans and didnt take ourselves too seriously. It was fun for a while but we, like every other pure clan open at the time, found it incredibly hard to grow during a time that runescape was at its peak playerbase. In the past, it was easy to fill your pure clan with new people just wanting to go out and kill people but the amount of mains and addy almost immediately turned off any new prospect. With that fact becoming glaringly obvious as we went on, we knew in order for Unbreakable (and pure clanning in general) to survive we had to join the growing LPC 1 defence scene and get back to the basics of what pure clanning was. No mains, no defence, and no cancer that will turn off new clanners. With us, most of the lower pulling clans followed suit and almost immediately all of our memberlists swelled up and almost every single LPC was pulling high numbers. The collective amount of people in the LPC scene compared to HPC at this time was probably 3 to 1, people very obviously preferred one defence, and eventually the older clans who were more scared of change followed suit. When we made our announcement topic about going 1 defence we said at the bottom that “we had hoped one day the LPC bracket turns into what the HPC bracket is supposed to be and pure clanning makes it's return as the most fun, most active, and most action packed clanning scene.” And even though some other clans that are prone to flaming without thinking said things to the effect of we (and everyone else who moved down) were only moving down because we were failures, I think time has proven that this was very obviously the right move to make. Since then, we have had amazing success. We are the only new clan still open from the HPC era and are consistently put on the same pedestal as the legacy clans like Foe and Eop. Even with these legacy clans both thinking they are in a constant rivalry with us, at times both hating us more than they hate eachother, we have thrived. We have built ourselves a strong community with strong ideals and even with all the odds stacked against us we do not stoop to the levels of some clans who forget why we all left the HPC scene to begin with. We have gained over 150k posts on our forum in this year, amassed a prep record of 67-17, GWAS'd multiple clans multiple times, and are undefeated in heated rivalries. No matter what people might try and say to downplay our success, we are a top clan and always will be. With that all said, we are but one clan in a community of multiple clans all with their own distinct identity and we couldnt have done it all without you. Here's to hoping we see you all every weekend for more years to come.
  4. wow nice the runescape community forum finally realized its a good idea to have rules amazing work runescape community forum moderators
  5. holy brown sticky stuff cd sucks lmfao 1 event a week and you drop half your pull in an hour lmfaooo u definitely wont reply lmfao
  6. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Best Core Peaked at 40 men to kill all clans and we did just that!!! We had one of the lower pulls today but we still managed to throw our weight around and kill the degen clans like cd. It's actually really kind of sad how bad cd are, I am still not sure if they have managed to kill a single Unbreakable member in the last month and a half of fighting. It definitely doesnt seem like it. While not killing cd we were involved with clusters consisting of ir/apex/px/fi/sup/etc. Ty all for fights. Maaku POV Anton POV
  7. more like you care so much that you know you would get banned from sb if you posted your weekend trips here lol
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