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  1. Jyst

    I owe a formal apology.

    Lol idk why everyone that leaks and get kicked thinks they were did wrong 😹 what did you expect really? good riddance tho, all your posts and shit point at u being mentally unstable lmao. Imagine selling out your friend for 20m
  2. Jyst

    Apex Hosting

    Comparing abusing your website's bug to annoy people / prep starvation (claimed by BOTH sides) to IP Grabbing off your "high security sites" and using it to DDOS + DOX people. Honestly can't believe you're drawing a comparison between the 2. I know you're biased towards Fo/Sup but to be this blind is eye-opening. Honestly I would fear you to be the one personally leaking IPs to Sup if it weren't for the fact I'm on a vpn
  3. Jyst

    Apex Hosting

    According to that logic none of this would've happened since Nox tells everyone not to use SB. Not being to fix a simple notification bug after weeks and weeks only shows incompetency, and that incompetency follows with proclaiming 12$ a month for hosting as "subsidizing". (Hosting prices for a simple forum should not be that high, claims he offers protection like no other but cannot fix a notification bug) Any clans exposed to be engaging in DDoSing + Doxing + Mass buying mains from a high rank on SB to crash weekends should be blanket banned off of a supposed community website, but nope, one of the last major pure clan to not use mains to destroy the pure scene gets labeled as toxic and targeted.
  4. Jyst

    Apex Hosting

    Lol eventually eop will also stop using sharkbrew for its topics and it'll just be an echo chamber for foe/sup, which'll get boring and they'll stop using it too. Goodluck
  5. Jyst

    weekend "We Are Ruthless" P2P Sunday

    Impressive pull & very honest topic, hope you guys keep growing in size and can eventually match opts with the bigger clans (20~ more on Sunday)
  6. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Hence why I said "THIS TIME" in the post above.
  7. I don't know why Apex would want to prep #9 P2P regardless.. Even if fo weren't chickens
  8. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Don't think Envy nor Sup would want a 1 def world, if such a world existed they would not be able to compete in the wilderness and thus barred from Saturday / Sunday pk trips. This whole mess of mains on Sat/Suns started this time with Supremacy bringing mains as if they're the only ones with main accounts and are thinking beyond everyone else lmao
  9. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Havent seen a single envy / sup kid ask for 1 def worlds. Not everyone wants to not use mains, whys that so hard to understand? The people wanting 1 def worlds are clans that don't need the use of mains.
  10. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Holy shit are u daft. They can all make the choice to not use mains the same way a criminal can choose not to do bad, a cheater not to cheat on a test, a tardy person to not be late, ETC. Sup/Envy WANTS to use mains on Saturday F2P trips and it's ruining the trips of clans who don't want to use mains. These clans prosper on mains, it's part of their identity to use mains. MF has never done a F2P trip before so you're way over your head on what's happening on F2P saturdays. Stop trying to argue something you have no clue about.
  11. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Yes and every criminal can make the choice not commit crimes and we won't need cops..? Are you trying to imply if one clan stops using mains their opposition will stop? Because Soup has been using mains in their ugly ass yellow hats for a while now with or without other clans using mains. And that shitty Envy clan brings pures on their mains trip too.
  12. Jyst

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    There's some "pure" clans that bring mains to wars regardless, some that brings mains in retaliation, and some that never bring mains. You wouldn't know since MF never does F2P, and not many people bring mains to P2P sundays. I think you're a bit lost here
  13. Jyst

    pure account What clans are out there

    Arent u that guy who closed your clan by scamming your member 10$ for food irl?