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  1. Okay any mains and its an auto-win for the clan without mains, sounds good?
  2. Is zenith really gonna pretend that in a 100v100 fullout they wouldn't be happy to sit their bottom 50 spam-bot recruits? Wilderness "fullouts" aren't a thing. You want a fullout you know where to get one.
  3. If this is a fullout declaration we accept
  4. Remy, Nox, Jamz. Order depends on the day, personality, and pulls. In a 80v80, I'd say Jamz/Remy are very close to #1, Nox a little behind but still probably 3rd. In a 20v20, I'd put Nox #1 (fast calling, great for single piles and transitions)
  5. I mean you must not feel too bad if you support Legacy
  6. This can only become as big as Sharkbrew becomes. The clans out there that mass recruit are getting fewer and fewer by the year, right now 6 clans are open and it's all the same people who were clanning 2 years ago with maybe a few dozen new faces. Additionally, because this system is managed outside of the game, and requires self-reporting, I see it becoming a substantial chore for the Sharkbrew team to manage. It's a little easier to manage Clan ELO rankings when there are only 6 clans, and they all post their aftermath topics to your forums, but the management of the scale between 6 clans and 2 ELO leagues, to 400+ pures split into 1, 13, 25 def brackets, doing Tribrid, and Edge BH style fights is magnitudes of difficulty greater than things that you currently manage. In addition, if you rely 100% on self reporting by posting results on your forums, the participants of this new ELO league will be few and far between. Just some of my concerns, not saying you can't make it work, just saying it's a lot to bite off at once, especially without any support from Jagex.
  7. 3at knowing which direction North and South are would be a great start as well.
  8. Yeah, everytime EU talks a lot of shit and then loses.
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