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  1. GFs, we will rise again, Gotta go against the best to be the best!
  2. 2ndch4nce

    same as my man phil

    SUP X Poo quality
  3. 2ndch4nce

    Breaking news

    How accurate was this intel again? oh wait lul
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/0b21f1e8e145156e69417cf77752cdc4.mp4
  5. How much you pay for your Piprazole prescription, because you may have run out, the delusional behavior is back.
  6. 4:20 in the video, when IR is about to rush you, quickly look at the member count and the main count rise. mains went from 3 to 12, and Ir went from ZERO mains to 1. Also your member count went up to higher than what you're able to pull so I'm guessing you sucked FOE's dick enough for them to dribble out some opts for you. Whatever keeps you up at night, shit clan.
  7. 2ndch4nce

    No p2p action this sunday?

    SUP #1 lobby Clan.
  8. 2ndch4nce

    Vendetta Cringe Audio Leak

    Nothing in post. Great content
  9. 2ndch4nce

    pure SUP 11/17/18

    Whatever helps you sleep at night. We sat 20 wild, multi, for 5 minutes waiting for you guys to remass after being demoralized as fuck.
  10. 2ndch4nce

    pure SUP 11/17/18

    Whatever helps you sleep at night lmfao
  11. Wasn't directed at you, meant 'you guys' as the general SB community. Apologies if taken any other way, <3 u nawe
  12. You guys just don't recruit worth a shit any rely on clanhoppers to fill ur opts every week. IR has had a boom in recruiting and our public cc is almost constantly above 80 people, maybe if you spent less time flaming, and making propaganda and more time helping your clan, you'd notice more new blood. Taken mid-day CST. But by all means, ignore this post, argue about who has an imaginary belt, and bitch about how your scene is dying, when all you do to 'recruit' is try to convince others to leave their clans to join yours.
  13. 2ndch4nce

    Who wins these "rivalries"?

    I guess this is what I get for trying to talk to someone with the IQ of an orangutan, lol. How's Foe's cape feel on ur back?