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  1. I forgot this was sharkbrew, where a sentence longer than "l00000000000000000000000000l" is an essay 🀣
  2. Apex would pull 60 if they advertised weekends as p2p fullouts
  3. Flaming aside, I asked Junior for several 1v1s, and he never accepted one of them saying "we're busy" when you being busy was preparing to crash our fight over and over, and the result of you going from +10 on the cape counter to -10. Numbers don't have bias. At least you guys do perform much better in P2P, so it's only a one day of the week issue for now, you'll figure f2p eventually.
  4. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Outrage Massed up 50 Dragons (peaking at 53) for our F2P trip today, and with our pull in the middle of the scene, our options were to fight down opts, or to crash the 4 clans that all were pulling slightly lower than we were. We tried to do both, but after waiting at 13 ports for 12 minutes for FOM to hit with +13, we realized they weren't going to let themselves get killed up opts, as that would demoralize their members too much. We crashed a few fights, fought SUP down opts, and ended our trip with a 1v2 vs Apex and Resistance at High Altar. @Oivc + Outrage rushed CA with 50 and saw FOE and SUP fighting with between 60-70 each. We cleverly ran through Sup straight onto FOE and started killing all the blue capes we could see. Eventually FOE realized they were kinda fucked and ran north. We followed and tried to bait them to 13 ports. They had no interest in fighting us up 12 opts so they ran away. Shame... We then took our attention to Bandit camp, and hit a cluster of RS/Apex/UB, We hit quickly, and got a few kills, and then they all ran into singles The same group of clans but now with the addition of FI went to Corp Cave Entrance, and same thing. We hit, we ran on top of corp hill, and all of the other clans stayed in singles. SUP hit as were were waiting on corp hill and that quickly ended the cluster. + Apex and RS were fighting at High Altar with ~70 opts between the both of them, so we crashed with ~45 with the intention of them anti-crashing and 2v1. We weren't disappointed and the result was a solid return fight where we went between the north tables (Apex) and the South window (RS) seemingly at will, stealing several kills with each movement. While the start of the fight was in our favor, at the end we had rushed East (in multi) and established our own position within the small church. FOE Rushed eventually when all clans were down and we had no choice but to end the cluster. Good action for all 3 clans involved. Where was this energy from FOE when we waited for them to hit us down 13?
  5. Prep me? Wednesday/Thursday next week 6:30 EST Start.
  6. Weezy would like to say: <20:52:13> "billy": COMMENT <20:52:13> "billy": RN <20:52:14> "billy": MOTHERFUKR <20:52:18> "billy": COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT
  7. People are too afraid of taking an L to fight with any disadvantage. They'd rather teleout and rehit a cluster, the downside is everyone has this mentality so there aren't clusters to rehit.
  8. Lmfao they thought they could rev pk
  9. LY has brought 30+ def accounts into minis and preps, might wanna check with ur own clan before making topics like this.
  10. Prep me? Wednesday/Thursday next week 6:30 EST Start.
  11. Eagles haven't been very proud for a while now sad game
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