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  1. Must have missed that they attacked up 7 in a prep where they made the rules, and the rules said "SIT TO MATCHED(AIM FOR 50)" We aimed for 50, we had 45, 2 got ddossed, we had 43, they attacked, we win. Pretty simple
  2. Facts are Facts, Prep was called 3-0 for Fatality, we won, Apex forfeited. Where is my 20m?
  3. Cmon don't be mean, they can't pull over 50 to a weekend, they have retail jobs to work!
  4. At least you're reading your own rules this time, GZ on elevating to a 2nd grade English comprehension level
  5. Literally won 3-0 vs the supposed #1 MATCHED p2p clan and didn't even eat a single food, lmfao pathetic.
  6. Well according to the declaration that Apex posted, and as per the rules that they gave us, they forfeited, ergo I win my 20m. I know we exist in a post-fact reality sometimes but that doesn't change the facts.
  7. Sharkbrew has recognized that Apex did not follow their own rules As such they have forfeited and given Fi the 3-0 and the Belt Thank you for belt, and thank you for 20m Spook, I'll collect whenever
  8. You Ddossed too early, shame on you FOE
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