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  1. Yea I’ve opted out of 30 def indefinitely, agree that it’s way too high. im wondering what the deal with 25 def is? Why do some clans accept 1-20 but not 25? And why is 25 a thing? the only upgrades I’ve seen for it are infinity (which most wouldn’t use in pvp and isn’t allowed in most clwars fights) and frog-leather which is a decent upgrade from studded, but actually worth the cb lvl?
  2. That’s sick. But yea revs would be aids at that cb with 20 def. do you still play on it/pk? Or is it purely for clanning
  3. gross/disgusting if you dislike more content/better gear while still being able to pure clan 😂
  4. Hey brother, the clan looks cool. What’s the average cb lvl?
  5. Is this based on hopes or real community talk about it? 😅
  6. I’m 20 def right now and it’s a great build. Just want as much content as possible while still being able to pure clan because I only have the 1 account. Also infinity is sexy af at 75att/70pray 20 def I’ll max 95 cb - 25 def max 96cb - and 30 def max 97 cb
  7. Considering going 25-30 defense. Good benefits and unique builds. Thoughts? also, any clans or smaller teams still accept 25-30 def accounts?
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