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  1. Killa

    Open 3 weeks

    you been desperate for ly to notice you since you opened but none of us care LOL cringe
  2. Earn some $$ this weekend Killa#9261 😎

    1. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      All that slaving just to watch your pulls drop to 40 big yikes

  3. Killa

    midweek Veng Decimates Davea

    nice action 😀
  4. Killa

    Legashit Threatens CD With Mains

    Imagine taking brady serious LOL u got trolled
  5. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org Dominated the caves for over 7 hours making bank as usual and clearing bp, dc and other clans/teams, smiting +1s in the process. We then got the word that CD was out in our caves so we quickly massed up 30 big dick spartans to end their trip. Lit trip. Most active. Best looking. TY Pictures
  6. Killa

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Ty for input OG Fishsticks
  7. Killa

    cwa Supremacy vs Legacy 2-0 P2P prep ( they left r3 )

    rag me then ? l00l u wont do shit u fat fuck keep hiding from me hahahaa
  8. Killa

    cwa Supremacy vs Legacy 2-0 P2P prep ( they left r3 )

    close ur eyes before u get bullied into another hider acc hahahahaa