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  1. Forums: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/d2cFfqM We started out around 4pm gmt/12am est with around 10 shooters. In this trip we made over 15m, cleared some randoms up but unfortunately there wasn't any clans out around this time. After taking a break, we set off again. This time with 20 shooters in the eastern timezone, around 10.30pm gmt/6.30pm est. This timezone proved to be a much more lively one as we ran into Hydra, black hats, zerks, yellow hats and many more and managed to take them all down. We eventually took a break as some gmters got off around 2am gmt/10pm est. Shoutout to the boy Aaron for finishing the trip with a goodie bag. After taking an hour break, our aussie shooters/late night eastern shooters were hungry for more, so we set off yet again. This time with 15 we were still able to destroy every clan we faced. We eventually got bored of killing the caves all day so we switched it up with some deep wildy pking. The trip eventually ended around 5.30am est/7.30pm aest/9.30am gmt. Join the most active pure clan today.
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    midweek LegacyCaves Monday

    Forums: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/d2cFfqM Massed up a quick 30 shooters to slap some kids in the LYCaves. Ran into a few teams and stomped on them. Made bank as usual and had bants with the lads. Join the most active pure clan today.
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    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    lmfaooo weeb clan
  4. can u accept pkri stop avoid pls
  5. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org Massed up 20 shooters to take over our caves once again for 4 hours. Ran into loads of teams from pures to zerks to mains and managed to take them all down and make bank. Join the most active pure clan today.
  6. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVC TeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org Today Legacy set of with 56 spartans later peaking at 60~ to smoke the scene again. We got the word that Fatality was at white plateu. We ran through and pushed right on top of them pushing them from white plat to spider. We quickly took the lead and controlled the fight, going up nearly 20 opts before eventually getting crashed. Seeing as we had the same opts as Supremacy, we decided to fight eachother at bandits. Our south side tanked like beast's while our north side got aggressive and dumped their specs causing us to take the lead before getting crashed from the south and east. Thanks for the fight Supremacy. We heard of another cluster going on at GDZ. Hungry for action we quickly got up there and found Apex north of GDZ. Catching them off guard, we got them in crazy clumps. Seeing as there was a fuck load of mains and 1 itemers, we pulled it south east to try and get a clean fight against Apex. The 1 itemers continued to rag both sides so we eventually took it to singles and teled out. Thanks for the action Apex. We then heard of a possible fight at Al kharid. We stayed east waiting for something to happen, when one tanky Legacy member managed to drag 12~ FOE members towards us, causing them to get gwassed. For our last fight we decided to have a clean 1v1 against Supremacy. This fight would be held at Falador. The north side stood their ground and tanked it out while our south side got right into them with our specs allowing us to go up opts. Their north side started wrapping causing opts to go even again before so we broke a Falador tab and ran north and continued the fight. We got aggressive again allowing us to go ahead before eventually getting crashed by FOE. We broke another tab and held down the centre killing everyone in our way. We then moved north again and cleared up everybody left, before moving east on top of BP and cleaned them up. Thanks for the action all! Another week of Legacy starting all the action and getting the most action, while clans sit in edge spamming each-other. Thanks to every single one of you that showed up today. Killa POV JD POV Anton POV Maaku POV