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  1. Lmfao I thought this was today LOL I wasn't like dam I wanted to play
  2. Lmfao ur already tryna start rivalries
  3. That's my cousin... I'm pretty sure if u search my irl name on Instagram you'll find me easily
  4. If they keep t50 and merge with eop, then you already know rp gunna bend the knee. if they change capes and actually compete, then props to them
  5. glad im not the person who put "video games are life" on my Instagram page lmfao
  6. Not gunna lie - Cd made rp like bitches
  7. I play on a 2008 broke down laptop, I can barely run the game itself. Idk why ur acting like we didn't stomp you. Stop trying to pipe up, you're literally garbage at leading.
  8. You massed 15 and got stomped... pipe down lmfao go focus irl before piping up cringe bald kid
  9. That's pretty fucked how you got kicked from rp lmfao
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