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  1. Daddy Nate

    pkri Fearless Wednesday P2p return fight Ft CD

    Big gzz
  2. Daddy Nate

    weekend Sko Vs NT PKri

    Lol had to throw the excuse in their aye? "Ddosed" 😂🤣😂🤣 Holy
  3. Daddy Nate

    midweek Notorious vs. SKO + Tribe - P2P Wildy PKRI (25v25+)

    All I know is my trexxes was hungry and boi them +1s sure was delicious. Big gzzzz
  4. Ty for action SKO was a great return fight. Also thanks to Tribe for pulling up as well Ayyyeee

    #Notorious baby


  5. Feels good to be Notorious baby 

  6. Daddy Nate

    Notorious vs. Tribe - F2P Mini (3-0)

    Ahh yes Nate carried again 😏
  7. Daddy Nate

    Notorious vs. Critical Damage - F2P Mini (3-0)

  8. Daddy Nate

    midweek Notorious vs. SKO - Late Night P2P PKRI (15v15)

    Ahh yes the mighty trexxes take the W
  9. Fuhhh Bullied SKO so hard Round 1 they had too bring meds and +3 in round 2 😂 GF tho Bois 


    Notorious on my neck btw

  10. Gl scene, we coming 😘

  11. Daddy Nate

    Notorious vs. Fatality - 10v10 F2P Mini (2-1)

    Ty for action fi
  12. Daddy Nate

    Team Zen VS Apoc | 6-0 | 2-0 Sets

    Ayyee Big day too be Zen
  13. Today Zen completely decimated the snipe scene taking #1 as no others dared too hit them while walking around w8. I'll get straight too it, we legit embarrassed the ladies called Apocalypse 12v18 was no problem. Don't be fooled tho.! The ladies in xL PH ATL Bobbie also caught these hands.. All in all, was a great opening for Team Zen
  14. Zen just took #1 F2p Snipe team today. Feels good man

  15. Daddy Nate

    Team Zen vs PH * 2 - 0

    We taking over