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  1. Daddy Nate


    Pandas stronk
  2. You already know the Wolves Den had to come out on a fine Saturday too make my mutt @Infamous Jet bend the knee like usual. Was also fun running through 3shitters .. Gratz for taking worste snipe team btw
  3. Daddy Nate

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

  4. Daddy Nate

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

    #1 Matched Cwa brother
  5. Daddy Nate

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

    Let the pack show you guys how too Cycle/Tank.. Great performance from both sides here. Thanks to Noxi HQ for coming out and putting up and amazing fight. @SupahSmokah Pov
  6. Daddy Nate

    cwa Ambush vs Noxious 2-0 Mini

    Thanks for action Noxious.! Was a fun hard fought mini from both sides. Major shout out too @Scims and His HQ
  7. Daddy Nate

    pure account Looking for a XLPC clan

    Sorry bro Ambush must say nty due to recent actions you have taken upon clan members. Try out OD tho, I heard their leader needs some help lol
  8. Daddy Nate

    Rampage Minis vs Blitz (2-1) & Ambush (2-0)

    Thanks for the mini Pandas 😘
  9. noxiousredvblueamb.gif

    Ambush Big Winners 

    #1 Matched xlpc Snipe Team

  10. Daddy Nate

    xlpc xLPC Legends are back

    LMFAO legit tho
  11. My wolves performance was amazing today man. Noxis as well, nothing but alphas on that red team today boii
  12. Daddy Nate


    Ahh my Pandas
  13. Well some people been sleeping on my wolves and let me tell you, it's bitting them in they ass. Nothing is stronger than the pack. Ambush stays #1 Snipe team.
  14. Daddy Nate

    Ambush vs Blitzkrieg 10v10 mini 2-1

    My wolves came in strong today
  15. Daddy Nate

    ZOOM vs Ascent 15v15 mini (2-0 in sets)

    My mutt @Infamous Jet tagged me so I guess I'll come respond. Can confirm this was easy lol Gz to my zoom brothers. Ambush still #1 btw