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  1. we set up a p2p prep against plague in clan wars, managed to pull 20. was a clean friendly match won 3-0 thank you for the fight. enjoy the vid.
  2. Cranked

    midweek Sko slaps dogshit dc around.

    Oh wait they closed.
  3. Cranked

    midweek Sko slaps dogshit dc around.

    Bring purge out so I can show you what this yuk can do to you too.
  4. Today we heard dc wanted the smoke in our caves, we massed up 20 strong phoenix's went out slapping around dc out of our caves, Enjoy
  5. Cranked

    weekend DC slaps dog shit clan SKO

    last one standing down 10 np kids ur all shit
  6. Cranked

    weekend Sko Vs NT PKri

    anyday of the week
  7. Cranked

    weekend Sko Vs NT PKri

    Today We Massed up 25 Red Phoenix To fight NT in wilderness, it was a long return fight they put up a good fight. thank you NT for the fight, Shout out to legacy for ddosing 5-10 members of ours including myself. Enjoy The Vid
  8. Cranked

    Sharkbrew Clan Awards 2015 Results

    Fuck sharkbrew and fuck runescape who still has time to play this brown sticky stuff game. Go get a job you bumbs. Clannings 2k16 who the fuck calls 30 def a pure without turmoil? Best leadership Tlp? Didn't you guys tell 30 of your members to get 30 def for the matched p2p full out against foe? What kind of leadership makes all there members get 30 def and potentially go main just for a full out. 2016 is your year to close. RIP, peace out I'm not gonna reply to any of your dumb comments cya next year you Fock heads
  9. Lol when you kickbann 5 people and then they hop on another account to go in. It was only +1 anyways stop crying. Goodfight was fun better luck next time yo.
  10. Fucking all of you are retards. Ty 4 prep and stfu with everyone flaming. Are you guys still 14 years old?