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Found 756 results

  1. notice: excuse me for the small pictures - the topic creator didn't copy/paste them correctly from discord 😛 Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Easy smoke everyday as the Viking effortlessly rush in the wilderness seeking the whales. With the majority of OSRS players at the new nightmare boss, only a few kids were in the wilderness. So we did the easy msb+dds combo for a few smites and easy loots. We shortly got a call from some pures to come help AC a fight they were having. Shortly into this we had a few other vikings luring singles pkers into multi and we quickly scurried over there to claim the treasure. After this we just ventured around Vetion and Rogues castle.
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Decided to amp up the difficulty of the wilderness by getting together and having a few beverages. Started off on a deep wilderness run around GDZ/Glory Hill, melted a few small teams that we came across. Ended up finding CT with similar opts up at GDZ, fought them for a little while until they started to pull up more and more shooters. Said our GF's in bank and went on our way. Made a few more rounds in the deeper sections until our decision making was starting to be questionable. Someone had the brilliant idea to bring out the wrath of 10,000 amethyst arrows with smites on, and boy oh boy did we find ourselves in some hilarious situations. Saw the "MED CLAN" Off or Die, and by med clan I mean one med in a group of like 10 mains lmao. Claw rushing as usual, was 2 ticks off smiting one of them, lucky lil guy. Killed some pure teams, killed some main pkers, sliced through the venezuelan nests like a hot knife through butter, and snagged ourselves a few +1s. EZ GAME.
  3. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Thursday 13th February, we caught 20/25 Fo lacking in OUR caves in OUR timezone so we immediately baited them into fighting us - logging in and dominating them from the get go. As the fight progressed we gained to close to 50 and roflstomped Fo all over the god damn caves. The fight was crashed by multiple main teams, ballista teams and Legacy even showed up to put Fo's capes on - unfortunately for Fo, all this help wasn't enough. After an hour of pushing Fo all over the caves we started to notice many Finale ownage pkers returning in 1 item which honestly wasn't a surprise because we wouldn't sacrifice our return sets for some failed Navy chef screaming at the top of his lungs either. Soon Fo were reduced to less than 5 in game, we got a few spams them to let them know how much of a terrible performance they put in today and left with the win. Rage wins again @Jamer1 @IRoss @itmesolo 
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ A typical evening for a healthy Viking squad. After a quick mass we headed straight out to deep, scouting areas from Vet to GDZ, Glory hill, and then on ton Altar we ran into loads of lost Pvmers but were wondering where all the action was at. Pking freely everywhere spamming "vote yes for pvp updates" we decided to head to the altar where we saw some pker's but we're pretty sure they were the pvmers from earlier because they showed the same level of skills as a regular to Gwd. Lured to multi and clapped kids time and time again . Looking for a little more competition we headed to the rev caves in hunt of some clumps and the caves delivered more loot for the squad. Chilled evening over all. Vengup.
  5. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ After Zewy spotted 2 dead birds pking in our caves (scroll to bottom to see that whole storyline), we quickly massed up hoping Avalon would show up. We waited for about half an hour and they didn't seem to show.. however they didn't bother trying to help there clan mates as they died in single combat trying to escape. Not much later our worldtracker told us Rev Warriors was pking in our caves, but I didn't remember handing out any wilderness permission passes to them so we teleported up with a no prep'd 20 Vikings to revoke those. Our bait logged in and they knew what time it was; they started running as fast as Lightning McQueen could only dream of. That did not stop us from killing every single one of them. After about 10 hits they finally learned their lesson and ended their trip (going from 24 to 6 in about an hour). Thank you highly advanced worldtracker. Between hits we found DC, CPK, and random main clans a couple times and they also quickly bent the knee to the Vikings. After about 3-4 hours of cave domination we decided to call it a day and started to count how many shekels we made today. Tip: A lot of shekels and a lot of broken victims. GF Rev Warriors. Maybe don't weasel your way into crashing fights or flame when we decide to show mercy. At least you put up a better fight than AV tonight AV Actually spotted AV instantly runs, this fellow bird boxes to save his flockmate This bird dies now. Original bird panics and boxes Zomboes. A good showing from AV tonight. On to the next.
  6. Forums: tr-clan.co.uk // cc: The Rising // Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg Quickly massed up 12 strong shooters to take over Revs. Hopped around killing anything in sight for two hours uncontested. Pictures:
  7. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com SORRY THE TOPIC IS A DAY LATE WE BEEN HAVING ISSUES WITH UPLOADING THE VIDEO! Early in the day we we're approached by Resistance for a PKRI this evening. We gladly accepted and let the gorillas know in discord that after work they needed to race home to farm +1's for Lord Power Flower and King Jonny. We massed up 30~ strong gorillas on teamspeak and tele'd up to GDZ. We got a spread on white plat and told Resistance to rush us. Immediately 20 meds logged in north of us and we knew that this fight was going to be absolutely fucking aids. We wrapped their southern and completely demolished it. We then headed east towards GDZ to get away from the mains. Within 30 seconds of the fight starting both zenith and fatality rushed in and from there on out it was a huge 4 way cluster. The initial fight ended with Onslaught chasing zenith down to boneyard where they tele'd out. After the initial cluster we went back up to white plat and got another north to south spread waiting to get hit by someone. Resistance rushed in and were quickly swept up by our big dick gorillas, moments after fatality rushed, and following them was zenith. After only 5 minutes of fighting everyone started moving west towards spider hill as we chased them down from the east. Eventually everything moved to rev cave entrance so we cleared up the left overs of Resistance in single and got out of their. Thank you everyone for the fun fight. Much respect to all clans.
  8. Peaked at 35 Bears for a 30 minute cap F2P PKRI vs Apex at Corp Hill. With an all around great performance we controlled the majority of the fight but it went back and forth throughout the duration. Squeaky clean action, gf. Broxx Spiral Solo Rubik
  9. Forums | Discord Earlier in the week we asked Onslaught for a P2P PKRI, They accepted and Wednesday came around and both clans prepared for a fun battle. Being one of our first prepped battles we have had in a while, we were unsure what to expect. We massed up 30 Red Men later peaking at 37 Resistance Members. We met Onslaught at GDZ and started fighting. Having a bit more in numbers we took the early control of the fight. Within minutes dead clans came to crash (Fatality & Zenith). We quickly turned our focus to Zenith who was washed off the map. We moved away from Fatality who was getting destroyed by mains. We restarted the fight afterwards in lower wilderness. While we were fighting Onslaught it felt like we were smooth sailing. While more clans and randoms started crashing eventually Onslaught dipped and we shortly followed suit. Thanks for the fight.  @Yak @OGGwas
  10. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord 33 Eagles went out to kill people this evening. Got a full clear on rage once, and I'll call the second fight a stalemate considering mains crashed the fight and cleared rage for us. Cleared Zenith twice as well. ~ Real Me POV ~ ~ Isaak POV ~ ~ Parviz POV ~ ~ Ryan POV ~ ~ K2P POV ~
  11. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We got word that Legacy were in our caves with 20 pkers so we gathered 20 of our own (later peaking at 39) to go smash them. We smashed them a couple of times and they soon ended, in between those hits we had a few tussles with Fo who teamed with mains and ran away and few hits on Zenith taking an ags in the process. Ty for the fights yall, join Rage bump sbrew topic below
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today Vengeance played a quick game of Hide & Seek. First in the normal world for cashmoney prizes, before heading off into the Wildnerness to see what queer scenarios we would find ourselves in, as the new PVM boss seems to have dragged alot of the regulars away. We started off at Vet'tion where we found a team of scuffed mains, & despite a few of our members having major client difficulties, we still managed to clear them 2 or 3 times. Once it got quiet there, we headed North to the Rogues Castle, where Med Venom found some weird shit, before sweeping Gdz/Glory Hill & Chaos Altar. We did find one team at altar, although they chose to not return & continue hopping. We caught them twice & made easy work of that. @Bawv had an unlucky run, but managed to work the kid on him down enough for LSD to fly in & smite his AGS. All in all it was a little quiet, but the Vikings still came home with full looting bags & had alot of laughs doing so.
  13. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Some of the councils were out doing various things like lap dances and going to shooting ranges? (apparently that's a thing in the U.S?) so we decided to see what we could mass and go hunt down anything in the wildy! Started out deep and rolled through GDZ and rogues, down to Lavas and then all around 40+. Nothing much to see other than a few stragglers and some random team that got smoked and didn't return. After this altar was next where we think we saw EZ? But couldn't confirm it as only one stayed around with an EZ name... Went to caves again nothing there, not even bally raggers so we ended up running caves, black drags and entrance. Safe to say for a quiet night we ended up with some nice smites and some big kills! Veng up!
  14. https://discord.gg/2pPpc6k || http://tr-clan.co.uk/ <- Apps Open Had a few shooters online so we decided to head out to see what lurks about in this stinky timezone. Ran the caves for about 1hr 30 uncontested eventually running in to AE with about 20 men compared to our 12 smoked a few off them and decided to call it after filling up our looting bags. Ty gamers Pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~~Evening PK~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most active clan went and peaked at 17 for a Anti-Rev PK Trip made l00t seen in the Pictures below, held down the worlds for about 2 hours and made decent loot and complained about how annoying girlfriends are.. Also slapped a load of randoms in the process, ty for coin Pictures
  15. http://tr-clan.co.uk/ | CC: The Rising | Most active | https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg We rocked up to rev caves and ran into WM immediately sweeping them. We continued hopping and our intel told us about IF so we barraged them out on sight. We ended up running into MOI and few other pvm teams clearing them instantly. Shame no clans wanted to scrap today 😕 Pictures
  16. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  We started our trip off at Lava Dragon Isle, picking up a few kills on the anti-pkers in the area then transitioned to Rev Caves. As soon as we enter Rev Caves we scout Blunt Purez and swiftly call a hit on them. We logged in 15 Elites and fully clear Blunt Purez causing them to end their trips moments later. Soon after our fight, we catch Zenith with 20 pures and 5 Med Levels. We quickly massed up 25 Eagles and hit them full force. After fully clearing Zenith in a well fought battle, they teleport to Edgeville ending their trip as well. ~Real Me ~K2P ~Jordai
  17. * Topic by Remy Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 9th February: Final Ownage Elite massed up 110 elites for the greatest, strongest trip of the 2020 year so far. We were able to provide the pure community with a 1 hour 400~ man cluster at GDZ. We are glad to say that most clans had much more fun than they would've had if it wasn't for us. After a big win yesterday, we were ready to bring the pressure today. We were fully prepared for the alliance to team up against us but we rushed them without hesitation. We ended up fighting 3 clans at once making it roughly 110 versus 250 (Rage + FI + Apex hitting whoever). We successfully outmaneuvered every clan and managed to maintain the upper hand 80% of the fight despite being the underdogs. Between the 3 of them, they were leaving the battlefield to get regroups left and right while we remained the center of attention, holding our ground. We cleared wave after wave for a full hour until they realized they would not defeat us. Rage were definitely the weakest link in the alliance today seeing as every time they entered the fight we fully cleared them within 60~ seconds. To support our massive victory even more, the alliance we know as Rage + Fatality decided to end their day in clan wars hosting a mixed inners with each other. Hopefully this means they will perform better next weekend. One of the strongest performances the pure scene has seen from FOE in awhile. All eyes on us and we fucking love it. ~Real Me ~Safe ~Isaak ~Swip ~Wreckless
  18. This glorious afternoon Onslaught was awaken by a battle cry from sir lord power flower himself calling out to all of our shooters to camp the hydra+dc alliance for the full duration of our Sunday trip. We couldn't let our glorious leader down so we pulled out the heavy artillery in expectation of feeding our 40~ gorillas off px tyler's +1's. Throughout the entire trip we were fighting hydra down 20-25 and completely demolished them in every corner of the wilderness. It was truly a sight to see and as flowers breathing got heavier after numerous +1's smited we knew that we had made our leader proud. Noticeable mentions were quick scuffles with blunt pures, supremacy, apex, and LY stragglers.
  19. Set out with 85 Bears later peaking at 90 to remind Legacy why they slumped to 40 man pulls for 2 months straight. Despite having a large target on our back we effectively stayed on top of Legacy forcing them to fight us. To start things off we baited Legacy to deep wildy where we hit a cluster at GDZ. They tried to log in behind us thinking they were going to get a good hit on us with the help of their ally FOE but things took a turn for the worst when they ran into a 20 man clump on their rush. (82 to our 69, wait for it!) Despite rushing us with a 15 man lead they were quickly dropped down to equal opts due to their low quality and were bailed out by FOE suiciding in an attempt to focus us. We simply pulled the fight far west, leaving FOE to get fucked from behind as Legacy fell into our trap. (This is 30 seconds after they rushed with a 15 man lead, we lost 3 people to their 14 lmao) After dragging them all the way west of Spider Hill we turned around and the 1v1 resumed. Being down numbers initially from their ally suiciding to chase us, we quickly turned the fight in our favor and dropped them down to 20 in game. Legacy tried to run into single to regroup but we ran on top of them and killed their low quality recruits until they broke and ran south to tele. I'm not sure what world Legacy are living in where they tried to portray this as a win but the whole thing was pretty embarrassing. After the GDZ cluster ended Legacy attempted to spam us in false confidence, pretending that we were scared of another fight. We defended for them east FOG and once again ran over them in quick fashion. They were forced to pull south to the ditch where they eventually ran east into single before teleing out. Legacy once again tried to tell their members that they won this fight, LMAO. The remainder of the trip consisted of hitting various other clusters, ending Supremacy's 1v1s, and some high opts clan wars fights with Fatality. Better luck next year Legacy. Broxx Solo Maaku Pictures
  20. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord For today's event, Legacy massed up 31 Spartans for a scheduled F2P Prep vs. Fatality. After coming back from a long break from preps, we took the strong victory over FI 2-1. GF boys. - Round One (DEF) - LOSS - Round Two (ATK) - LY Starting / Ending: 25 / 12 FI Starting / Ending: 25 / 0 - Round Three (PKRI) - LY Starting / Ending: 26 / 17 FI Starting / Ending: 26 / 0 (Forgot To Vid R3 Win)
  21. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this glorious celebratory Sunday, we left edgeville with 105 Spartans later peaking at 114 on TeamSpeak. We started off the trip chasing Rage (who teled back-to-back) before their members begged their leaders to stop running... After Rage got fucked three times in a row in the wild, they were forced to go to clw (where they lost again) (bullied from 106 starting to 60 ending and loss in CLW LMFAO) Shout out to all of the old-school who showed up for this exceptional anniversary weekend! Fight 1 result- Rage bullied to single & reduced to rags/meds: Fight 2 result: (GWAS'd at gap & pushed to single strip from GDZ) Fight 3 result: Rage bullied from FOG to lvl 2 SS (Apex & Rev Warriors couldn't save them) Fenrieth
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this F2P Saturday, Legacy massed up 109 Spartans later peaking at 120 in-game to celebrate our one year anniversary trip. Legacy members came into today's trip knowing one thing for sure. This dogshit main clan Rage would be defeated once and for all. After all the hype-up topics, sign ups, and mains those retards called upon, WERE FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LMAO. You thought 100 Pures & 50 Mains would break us? We choked the fuck out of you every single fight forcing you to scurry into singles in 3 minute intervals lmfao. Rage members also experienced an embarrassing F2P GWAS today. We logged on top of these rats all scattered out and disorganized, pushing them all the way from GDZ > Boneyard > Graves > Ending Trip In Edgeville Bank [150 to 35] LOL. Lastly, we also had multiple 100v100+ pkri's against FOE and had great action all day. Ty for fights & GF. Legacy Ending Opts: Rage Ending Opts: GF pure community, see you tomorrow.
  23. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today the barbaric bears of Rage set out with 90 men later peaking at 104 to battle the ever-growing anti-Rage alliance comprised of final ownage, legacy, and supremacy. As it was legacy's one year of absolutely fucking nothing celebration we were extremely motivated to shit on their parade, and we did just that, every time they stepped into the wilderness we immediately hit them and sent them running straight towards papa fo. Throughout the trip today we would force fo and legacy into attempting to team on us; their combined pulls of 200 people, multiple mains, and 40 lame tigers were not enough to faze the mighty bear clan. Better luck next time losers! Special shout-out to the 100 grizzlies that showed up today, hope to see you fellas again tomorrow where we'll be finishing the job we started. @Broxx @itmesolo @BARKATNlGZ
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