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Found 243 results

  1. Today we set out with 85 Bears, later peaking at 100. Similar to last Sunday there were no clans able to match our strength and offer us a 1v1. However, we were graced with multiple 3v1s from the piss alliance of soup/legacy/imperial. Sometimes they were able to offer a good fight, and sometimes their lack of coordination led to getting them fully cleared. In one instance we were sitting south of CA, with sup to our east and ly to our west. We patiently awaited the 2v1. Supremacy rushed us under the impression they would receive aid from ly from the west. Unfortunately for sup, legacy instead decided to hit a clan in singles rather than giving us the 2v1 we were waiting for. Supremacy was wiped off the map in 1 minute. When sup thought that imperial mains would save them in 1v1 vs Rage 😂 Next the clans went to Falador, where Legacy and supremacy would repeatedly embarrass themselves through failed attempts at 2v1'ing us. At one point sup thought it would be a good idea to rush north to the gate which we were right next to. Unfortunately, all that happened is they got gwassed and teled! UB then tried to crash, and were spanked! After all the Falador shenanigans, we found Legacy trying to hide from us deep wildy. We teled up and rushed them at gap, leaving them with no choice but to die. In a desperate attempt to flee from Rage they ran through the gap and were all killed on the spot. I'd have to write an essay to describe all the action we had today, the videos speak for themselves. PoVs @Broxxx @K0nt @Hari Pictures
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube On this rather fine Sunday, Outrage set out with a solid 45 dudes. So far as P2P Sundays go, we had about as much action as possible in between all the crash/tele fests. spark adam Rushed Apex west of FOG and gave them the big own. Set up a fight against Fatality on 26 hill down opts, with some good movements and piles, we brought them down to roughly 15 ingame before the fight was crashed by everyone and their mother. Gf dudes. Outrage Starting/Ending: 42/33 Fatality Starting/Ending: 49/15 Rolled up to hit Apex/Onslaught at a cluster in Falador and gave big own. Set up one last fight against Fatality at FOG, this time it was a lot more even. After a bunch of clans tried to crash we moved the fight to CA and had some kind of barrage war until Rage hit with 90.
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 13th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~70 elites and had the best trip out of all the Pure Clans today. With Anti-FOE ragging us, we were prepared to fight them for hours but all they could give us was a 5 minute 1v1 which ended in them getting fucking wiped off the map. To start off the trip we found Rage, Legacy and Supremacy in low level wilderness and made sure we got in on the action, clearing up everything on sight. While waiting in a world at CA, AF rushed us with 40 and got completely shit on with hardly any FOE members dying. While the mains were either dead or too slow to even hit us, we roamed the wilderness some more and focused on any clusters we could find. We even fought Rage down 25 or so and managed to take out a lot of them before other clans crashed. We made sure we would reposition whenever needed and always controlled the best part of the map in each fight. When all clans were cleared, we were usually the last clan standing and with the most numbers in game. We started with 70 and ended with around 65 elites, and were also the last clan to end. Anti-FOE realised once again that they lost to pures and towards the end they were reduced to 1 item. Honestly, pretty pathetic and another incredibly easy day for FOE. You won't fucking break us pussies. See you again. ~Erik ~Isaak ~Safe
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Sunday, 13th of October, Unbreakable massed up 33 apes for an action packed trip. Today we had numerous fights against Onslaught which also became clusters with Hydra and BP. Ofcourse, we killed everyone before snooze higher pulling clans decided to crash. Check vids and pics to see how much we owned etc etc https://www.instagram.com/unbreakablelmao/ VIDEOS Braden pov DEAN POV PICTURES
  5. On this SUNDAY onslaught massed up 33 GORILLAS eventually peaked at 40 ready to smash the fucking wilderness. We started off by finding hydra and bp fighting at CA and decided to give it a crash we hit from south east graves, and started getting aggressive in the end hydra got gwassed by resistance hitting from the east of them. Next on the agenda was a bit off ape on ape action having a clean 1 v 1 vs ub ty for the fight ub Caught word of a cluster at Boneyard so we decided to rush it from the north and found some FOE members sitting there and some other clan stragglers so we give them the clear and left. Found bp and hydra fighting so decided to hit from singles and getting a wrap north on both the clans while ub logged in from the south getting some good clumps from all the clans and forcing most of them to teleport out before apex crashed and hit from singles. gf guys We then found ourselves at some cluster at falador logged in south next to the bridge and stood our ground VS some of the LPC clans that were there. Last fight was up at GDZ where we got word of hydra and dc having a return fight decided to crash and cleared them both forcing hydra to run away. (VIDEO UPLOADING)
  6. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 12th, October; Outrage massed up for our weekly F2P Trip, peaking at around 42 members. Trip today was extremely action packed with a bunch of 1v1 tussles with Fi and some clusters. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 41 Fatality Ending: 20? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? The first fight of the day was set up against Fatality, they rushed us from the south and had a back and fourth fight until Resistance crashed and got owned were we easily 2 vs 1 and eventually took the W as both clans ran into singles and logged out. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage ending: 33 Fatality Starting: 42 Fatality Ending: 29 The second fight of the day took place on corp hill with FI rushing us again. We had a great fight going back and fourth with FI until we started taking them down, Legacy then decided to crash the fight with about 15 tanks which resulted in both clans moving into singles. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 43 Fatality Ending: With about 30ish on the telespot whilst we pushed RS into singles Resistance Starting: 45 Resistance Ending: 20? LOL We set up another fight at west bandits against FI and fought back and fourth for a few minutes before once against Resistance tried to crash the fight where we quickly took control over resistance and bringing them down to 25 in game before they went to single. Outrage Starting: 40 Outrage Ending: 30 Fatality Starting: 45 Fatality Ending: ? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? We once again set up a fight at bandits with Fatality, We went back and fourth going up and downs opts for several minutes before we started taking control and bringing their numbers down. Resistance then crashed from the west with Supremacy crashing from the east, we quickly ran far west into singles and began dropping their guys left behind in multi, after an attempt in fighting us in singles failed miserably, they then ran far north and eventually went into multi, we followed through and began to pound on them, after a clan crashed Resistance found themselves down opts and left as they couldn't handle another humiliating defeat. For the last hit of the day we decided to give resistance exactly what they wanted and rushed them mid fight. They immediately ran from us into single and logged out before they would have went from 45 to 0 in game.
  7. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc As per usual, Rage Massed up around 85 Pures to take on Supremacy, Legacy, and Imperial (Fake CD) mains combined. Although they attempted a fight, Legacy's 58 man pull combined with Supremacy's 62 weren't quite up to par. With Imperial mains in cape switches, however, they attempted a fight. Apparently, PMs weren't quite enough, as LY ranks sat muted in the Supremacy TS during the trip: The fights looked a little something like this: The pattern today was simple, We'd start fighting either LY or SUP, then the other would come to their aid, followed by Imperial mains in Supremacy capes. We were the last clan in multi at every single hit. Rage was the last Pure clan to leave the wilderness today, ending Supremacy, Legacy, and Imperial in under 2 hours before taking our still huge pull and doing 30v30 F2P inners for fun. We were down to go all night, Pures vs Mains, shame Anti-Rage couldn't take the heat. JAP Pictures of the fight below:
  8. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Ah yes. Today, the 12th of October in the wonderful year of 2019, Supremacy took the 1v2 championship belt thanks to the dedication of our 70 tigers. We spent a majority of our day chasing around Rage. And everytime they mustered the courage to fight us they decided to call on their dear friends FOC! Unluckily for them though, they were unable to keep up with our superb quality and calling. Good luck to the alliance tommorow! Not sure how much longer Rage can keep up this front, so be sure to show up before they close! Special shoutout to our boy Lost Tapes for achieving 99 magic as well! Another professional magician added to our clan! @+SIKKOH Noel's POV
  9. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Saturday, 12th of October, Unbreakable massed up 33 apes for an action packed trip. While clans were being camped by mains and 70 pulling clans were crashing 40 pulling clans, it allowed us to most most definitely have the best trip today. Our trip started with 2 fights with Apex, which we owned them in both fights, obviously. Rest of the trip consisted of clusters that we enjoyed being apart of. VIDEOS Braden pov Dean pov PICTURES
  10. Pulled 123 eagles broke rev and af relay the message, you’re clan is dogshit *spit* retards just boosting my cape counter and running to singles thanks for the demonstration see you next Saturday for f2p
  11. Forums | YouTube On this fine Sunday Torment massed up 27 Tormentors later peaking at 29. We weren't able to find a huge amount of action but managed to bully DC out of Falador in 14 seconds. We then decided to go to Revs to see the action there where we found BP, LY, Purge, DC & WaR https://gyazo.com/e8d81c296095fbdd2dafc7a9f807855e https://gyazo.com/2edab1e0bab045ec155bdab49ac0e262 Thanks all for the action!
  12. Saturday Rolled around and we massed up 40 Green Men, Later Peaking a 45 Pure Elites for our F2P Saturday Showdown featuring the majority of the clans out today. We had several fights against Outrage and Unbreakable and also today showcased us bullying Resistance. We caught them trying to pipe up against the mighty green machine and sent a clear message whom not to fuck with, Catch us tomorrow you freaks are dead. Thanks everyone all 45+ Who came for this sick F2P Saturday.  We Setup a fight against Resistance at Bandits, We defended and they rushed. Within seconds we took the upper hand and from there we never looked back. We kept pushing them around until Outrage and Legacy showed up to crash, We continued fighting for some time before pulling away and heading to the bank after destroying RS. A little birdie informed us here that Resistance leadership was talking smack to the green giant. We knew this wasn't allowed. We setup a fight with Outrage and they defended at Bandits, We rushed them and quickly got on top of them. We started going back and forth with kills and held our ground for several minutes fighting uninterrupted. We heard Resistance was coming to crash after getting derailed. We quickly turned on them once they logged in and forced them to go sprawling around the wilderness gasping for air as we drained the life out of their limbless bodies. We continued sending several unauthorized imports to the Lumbridge respawn. We had several more fights with Outrage, All seeing Resistance and Unbreakable show up. Each and every time it ended up the same way, We would focus RS while, Outrage took care of UB. This happened in every occasion. Outrage easily ran Unbreakable all over the wilderness, While we completely mopped the floor with Resistance, Within seconds of crashing. Unbreakable was forced to take on both clans as Resistance was smoked, Their audio completely silent as they tired to scramble around the wilderness. We cleared them up every time and mutually agreed to bank with Outrage. Thanks for the fights. Resistance decided to spam "FI Sucks" at us like the 12 year old little girls they are. We decided we were going to teach these faggots a lesson. We got our last fight against them and all 42 Fatality Members were completely pumped. We rushed them at bandits and completely caught them off guard. We stuck to them like honey on bee's and sent them scattering around the Bandit wilderness looking like the Varrock Sewer Rats they are. We walked these demoralized faggots down and caught a couple spams at them, Wishing them the best of luck tomorrow. They will need it ;). We ended our trip shortly after that, We had a 300M Drop Party. Thanks @Single Strip @Jackal 
  13. Massed up around 35 strong bears to take on Resistance after their succesfull prep against Fatality around Corp Hill. They lost a few guys so we called it off and went to Clan Wars for 3 rounds of PKRI. Came out with the strong win, thanks for the fight Resistance! K0NT BVG
  14. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tuesday came around and little did the wilderness know Vengeance were heading out. We started with a 8 man pull and geared up heading straight to entrance, within minutes we were catching clumps and hitting random small mans with people who have no idea how to tank. News spread quickly through the viking ranks and our pull grew to 12-14 people. Bank was being made. We caught SR ,a Small TR pull and SOG having a some fun scraps Showing how to tank and clump and using them both to show dominance in the fight. After 2-3 Hours of domination we cleaned entrance out of all loot leaving nothing for anyone else to plunder. Make sure to get onto the next Viking trip!
  15. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage headed out for our daily (sometimes more than daily) trip to boot the trespassers out of our caves, peaking at 27. We bullied Supremacy's 8-10 man small PK trip, sending their new apps back to Lumbridge a few times before they ended, and we killed Legacy's 5 man PK unit twice before they called it a trip. We also ran into Purge and BP, but mostly we farmed vennys/small teams and filled our looting bags. Shame to see LY PKing in smaller and smaller groups nowadays, hopefully you guys can get back on your feet soon! Lots more pics and loot but we posted a late pic dump etc. @bvg if you wanna add to topic
  16. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube After our stellar performance at the fullout single handily winning the 2nd round of the 4v3 f2p fullout, we headed out to revs to clear shit. We started off pretty small but ended up gaining to like 20 or some shit and killed many vennies and random teams. We killed that dc clan I cant remember the name of and I think a small group of rage or something, idk. After over 2 hours of owning we had our fun and ended the trip having made millions.
  17. Peaked at 35 for a PKRI vs Foe at ca. With them having some mains ragging them we held the upperhand for a good portion of the 45 minute fight. With the fight remaining at tele spot we decided to dip with about 30 ingame and call it there. Thanks for the fight. @Broxxx Pictures
  18. October 9th, 2019 Same shit different day... Unbreakable clan goes into rev caves with our snelms equipped ready to remind Venezuelans why they only have 2 gold medals in their entire existence. Found a bunch of little pure teams that were swiftly dealt with but our main focus in today's trip was once again to take money out of the Venezuelan pockets. Peaked around 22 gamers Thanks for showing up hombres.
  19. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We got word that Supremacy was fighting Purge at GDZ, so we quickly gathered 25 Bears to put an end to the fight. The fight was clearly a team on crash, as Sup and Purge done their best to keep our Bears at bay but it simply wasn't enough. We held the hut single piling any piss or red hat that entered before making a swift move south east to finish off purge leaving Supremacy all alone. We dropped all their pures and mains within seconds, and caught the final 4 that remained in a 4 man. As we finished them up west of the hut, we moved back east to Gdz expecting there to be a return unit however there was no return unit - Supremacy and Purge knew it was over. We grabbed a fall in, and began to spam hoping that might tempt them to return but as expected they weren't up to the challenge. Supremacy are you starting to realise that this is rivalry you weren't ready for? @Slowky @bvg
  20. Sunday came around and the boys over at Fatality massed up 55 Pure Elites. This Sunday got started a bit slow but definitely picked up. Thanks for all clans for action and every Fatality member for attending. @Tyendinaga @Schweden 
  21. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Pulled up at revs with ~20 shooters, cleared all the little rev teams, made bank and most importantly took food off the tables of several Venezuelan households.
  22. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc What started as a 10 man PK quickly turned into a 25 man as learned clans were out. We made quick work of FOE 3 times and Purge many more all while filling our looting bags with small team/PvMer loot. We even found time to GWAS a streamer's fall in; Rage Caves.
  23. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Went out with like 15 Snelm gang members to see what was at revs and we made bank. We found a bunch of random little teams and possible Venezuelans who we promptly murdered for the capes and other various trinkets they were wearing in the caves and also exploded supremacy who were out with around the same as us. GF all and thanks for loot.
  24. We set out today with a lil 7 man pk trip, and my boy Ace Krave asked for a PKRI. We massed up 17 guys later peaking at 25 tigers and took on Purge at GDZ. We took the an early lead and were owning until everyone ran out of food. This fight went on for about 15 minutes. After we returned it was pretty even when Rage started crashing. Rage was getting smoked for a smooth 15 minutes and they started logging on mains (lmfao). They didn't leave GDZ middle the entire time until they dip to gap so we decided to call it there after 30 minutes of gettin mad loot off Purge/Rage. Sick late crash Rage you got your clan smoked for 20 minutes l000l ty for return sets.
  25. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Today Outrage set out with a peak of 56 dragons, with a bunch of main clans being out today, things were rather slow to begin but we still managed to hit a bunch of clusters, refusing to teleport out we fought off countless clans. spark Rolled up to an ongoing cluster, where we found Legacy and Supremacy, killed who we could before Rage hit with 90. Next up we decided to hit up Fatality who were spread north of boneyard, catching them between us and Rage. They teleported out. With Fatality gone, we knew we had to reposition lest we get caught by the bear - we pushed west and switched our focus to Legacy, until Apex rushed us from behind and we had to break off to focus on them, who we dragged to mossies and killed. After Apex were gone, we found ourselves fighting off both Resistance and Supremacy, by this point our opts were getting low having fought for so long but we had solid returning until Rage finally made their way to the location. Set up a fight with Fatality, with some good movements we managed to put them into a clump that secured us an opt advantage of +20 before Supremacy joined in. As the constant crash/teleport fest is getting tiresome we decided to stick it out, holding our own for the entirety of the fight until Rage crashed. We decided to try and hold our own against Rage down 40, suffice it to say there's no taking on a clan with that many more opts however with the fight now at CA, other clans decided to join in and we found some breathing room to take down Legacy, Unbreakable and finally Fatality before finally banking. Hit a cluster east of Bandits between Ub/Rs/Fi, all teleported out. Apparently the main war had found its way to this location so we also dipped.
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