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  1. was easy as fuck. another win for fatality gaming community against the child predators of rs
  2. ah yes thank u single strip i was waiting for this
  3. Dw BP the same people Sup is whining about are the same people they've brought to numerous preps and big minis as invites aswell. Grats on your victory didnt look challenging.
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/1ad5b330b63232d49f136f464522b1b3.mp4
  5. Months and months of practice, preparation, and self improvement have led to this day. Each and every person that has come to our P2P events with the attitude to improve, adjust, and to win - thank you. To all of you. To those who came before me, and who shall come after. A day like this has been months overdue. Today we made it count. This is why i'm Fi. Presenting your Summer Flex P2P Champions:  Round 1: 22 Starting // 10 Ending Round 2: 21 Starting // 9 Ending Round 3: Lmao Jons called nice WR POVs: Tyen @Stigi @Gf Nerd Jeff @Jaya
  6. your one pic is when foe rushed, jesus christ l000l
  7.   Today we massed up a strong 55 Fatality Pure Elites to set out into the P2P Wild. We later peaked at a strong 66 man pull into our trip. To start the trip off we got a fight with Supremacy where they chose to defend in between the trees north of boneyard. We moved north and got our spread and rushed them. We were obliterating their west side as Intense Redemption and Legacy came to crash from the south. We pulled north and then rerushed Legacy who were in the western trees, so we pushed on top of them forcing them to tele out. As we saw Foe log in to the south we dipped out. We got another fight with Supremacy at 26 hill where they chose to log in under us for some reason. We inched west from the start and soon after Intense Redemption logged in ontop of us so we pulled to the north west and caught both in big clumps. Feeling lonely, Foe chose to log in on top of the fun as well, where we shortly barraged their clumps but seeing as Intense Redemption and Supremacy Teled, we dipped out as well. For the last fight of the day we fought Supremacy at Al Kharid. We rushed from the west and quickly dealt with the western side of Supremacy. They got a tele out with their glories but we caught them in a Fat clump along the western wall, when Intense Redemption chose to crash from the south east. We pulled northwest and continued to fight in the cluster that was created until Foe came to crash. After some wilderness fights this Sunday we were approached by Intense Redemption for a P2P Prep with the conditions being 3x plat and 3x PKRI rounds, which both sides accepted. After under performing round 1, we pulled our shit together and convincingly won the next two rounds. Thanks for the cool 50v50 Prep Intense Redemption. lost Fatality Starting: 54 Intense Redemption Starting: 54 Fatality Ending: 34 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 52 Intense Redemption Starting: 52 Fatality Ending: 34 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 Tyen Jack
  8. 38 Family showed up to fight. 38 Fatality walked away with the win. Round 1 Fi Starting: 31 Fi Ending: 9 Round 2 Fi Starting: 34 Fi Ending: 28 R3: we fucked up lmao Thank you to IR for the fights, best of luck tomorrow in your F2P Fullout vs Apex! POVS: Tyen X God Rage X Blissful Timmy Jack
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