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  1. Clan rage lives rent free in your mind. Your clan hasn't been the same since you got 3-0'd by us in cwa. Setup another prep if you want to get put in your place again.
  2. You were their number one slave constantly being humiliated at our mass each week (proccy replaced you), you got bullied to leave twice and somehow you still have the audacity to make dogshit topics like this. Go do something productive with your life pal.
  3. You guys pulled more to this event than you do on the weekends, gratz to supremacy though. Apex really hasn't been the same since they piped up to mother rage, feelsbadman.
  4. He's a random +1 forum slave who's hiding on an alt sharkbrew account to just type nonsense all day, we all know foe leadership has been avoiding preps.
  5. You're taking action against this young lady while having no real solid proof she stole from him. It's not the job of the accused to prove their innocence hence the phrase "innocent until proven guilty". BSA has stated he was dangerously close to leveling his defence meaning he has been in scenarios where he has gained exp accidentally. I'm sure its evident that BSA has got some deep hatred for Clan Rage after he got bullied out for having a low iq. It's reasonable to assume trying to convince people Rage is a scamming clan is apart of his agenda. The guy is clearly disgruntled and easily triggered, not to mention obsessed. He didn't take rejection from a young lady too well and now he's lost his mind.
  6. This is exactly how fragile the male ego is, imagine simping and begging this poor girl for her attention and when she rejects you, you go on a mission to destroy her reputation and make fun of her. You're the biggest loser on this website.
  7. It’s clear that sharkbrew has an anti rage bias and I hope this topic will be sufficient enough to right the wrongs done to clan rage. Thank you for representing Sara in this case, I should add BSA was also perm benched in cwa events I suspect he trained 26 defence so he had an Excuse to be sat, as if it was voluntary and not simply because he was terrible at the game.
  8. So you’re putting her on a watchlist off the basis of what exactly? This clown doesn’t have an ounce of proof.
  9. What am I looking at here pal?
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