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  1. Been seeing Shitpremacy try to throw shots in sharkbrew discord, always good to remind them where they stand, brain dead loser clan.
  2. Another winning Saturday for the bears, today will be another show of dominance.
  3. Your dead clan just couldn't mass up enough to match us so you went into hiding.
  4. Looking like another losing week for foe, honestly thought they would put up a better fight than this tbh.
  5. Clan rage with the wildy activity
  6. Great start to the new year bears, looking forward to all the action and battles we will engage in the coming weeks. Also, Sup Dogs and LY Clowns still can't 2v1 properly they should probably just give up thinking they can rival us and instead fight with the other lower pulling clans so that we can have the opportunity to give foe the hands in clean fights.
  7. Another humiliating weekend for Supremacy and Legacy, thank you for the action FOE.
  8. our rivals spent the entire day hiding from action and the other retards who have been aiding them couldn’t pull high enough so they went on a revs trip, what more is there to say?
  9. Other clans have been using mains in their topics, as soon we rage retaliates, we got a problem.
  10. So much lies and propaganda these guys spew to keep their slumping clan morale high. Best part is the leadership banning some innocent +1 and the audio leak keeps going :')
  11. Most fun I've had in a while, we really bullied these boys from corp hill to camping at the ditch. I see why we tried to keep mains out of the battle for all these weeks of the rivalry, really was no competition today.
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