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  1. Despite supremacy ducking us for the majority of the day, I'm glad we got a lot of action from other clans in the community.
  2. Considering supremacy uses clan friends and mains to raise ops and rag during f2p Saturday’s, should be a convincing win for rage with matched ops and no mains.
  3. Without the use of mains Supremacy shows they have poor quality and poor leadership, glad to see the rage boys take another convincing W.
  4. So much action today thanks to all the members that showed up big today!
  5. come check out clan rage, tons of activity with a healthy community. https://clan-rage.com/community/
  6. Lots of action on the p2p Sunday, looking forward to midweek activity and weekend trips.
  7. Really no excuse for using mains in the pure scene. Just gotta do better, what happens when another clan decides they want to bring mains to combat the nonsense, then we got an even more cancer pure scene.
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