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  1. Not surprised, we are the most active and dominate clan.
  2. Rofl what an embarrassment, these audio leaks just keep getting funnier and funnier lol, I wonder if members in supremacy ever get tired of losing week after week.
  3. Another demoralizing day for the opposition, 100 bears tomorrow!
  4. Bullying these sup rats all around fally today was fun. This has been such a one sided rivalry so far though, wonder when we will see the white flag.
  5. We just keep winning baby, sad clans like LY and SUP just keep asking for more and more help lol, I wonder when their leadership will decide to merge since they love to suck each other so much.
  6. looks like supremacy lost again

  7. This shit funny but accurate a'f Lul.
  8. Embarrassing day for LY and SUP members, tomorrow will be equally as demoralizing for them.
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