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What's more Demoralizing


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  1. 1. Lmfao

    • Kuno getting kicked from Rp for leaking
    • Kuno posting fake gfs on a virtual gaming site

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8 minutes ago, Daddy Nate said:

Lol kuno not kicked @F U D O G just mad cause he was stuck ditch again all day today .. RP #1 keep trying kid. And stop crying too Ryan already he don't care how much I camp you 🤣😂🤣😂

You massed 15 and got stomped... pipe down lmfao 

go focus irl before piping up cringe bald kid

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10 hours ago, Daddy Nate said:

@F U D O G Bald? Lol you wish I was bald kid. And yes I did mass 15 not my fault your 7 man pull couldn't compete fuck outta here bitch boi. You ain't shit but bloods slave lol nice vids BTW, I wonder what happened to all this footage you talking about.

I play on a 2008 broke down laptop, I can barely run the game itself. Idk why ur acting like we didn't stomp you. Stop trying to pipe up, you're literally garbage at leading.

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