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  1. jaja init fam

    Sunday - FT Renegade 45 Minutes SS

    big fukkin ownerz
  2. jaja init fam

    JaJa Weekly Loot #1

    sv shit clan gtfo
  3. Sv was making bold claims on TS about 1v1'ing us so we decided to rush them at Gdz knowing they'd need multiple clans to help them to even stand a chance. Before we even rushed them Dk had already joined their cc, and soon after Ibilys followed them. They had a combined of 92 people in the cc but still couldn't last more than 2 hours fighting us. PM Marky #7465 or Jibs#5296 for a way out. JaJa Starting: 75 SV Starting: 75 DK Starting: 60 Ibilys Starting: 60 mfw @ZOG died 63 times in 2 hours lmfao JaJa Ending: 132 opts SV: 0 DK: 0 Ibilys: 0 Rev: didn't even bother
  4. jaja init fam

    The Past Week in #Sovereign: Eradicating the Anti-Sv Alliance

    jeez ur losing +1s to dk LMFAO and zeke looks like my ballsack
  5. jaja init fam

    The Past Week in #Sovereign: Eradicating the Anti-Sv Alliance

    grats on merging with DK then losing ags to them LMFAO
  6. jaja init fam

    [EOP vs FOE]Who will break first?

    sv has 0 rivalry wins lmfao
  7. >be in a dead rag clan (sv)

    >call lil_cards and liths
    >still get cleared after 2 hours


    1. FakeNews Spotter

      FakeNews Spotter



      >Be mad jaja member who calls a other clan a rag clan

      >Started claning 2017

      >Cry about lil cards showing up 20 minutes late after jaja caled PeeD rng and ba in the first 5 minutes

      >mute council smited 4 ags wit 2 people on him  


      >4 clans vs 1 clan but only 5 ingame D: >minimap is snow white


      >more in bank than ingame


      >fuck sv is good clearly cant compete


      >CumThroat shows up late jaja already lost D:

      >Trys to hit sv in singles cause fuck it we cant posibly lose again rite?

      >gets 9-0ed by sv alliance member planks for 5m D:

      >est trip ended by sv

      wow what a rough day for yu. ur proly goin to have to change ur sb name to save ureself the embarasment 

  8. jaja init fam

    VnG vs Vr P2P CWA 3-0

    grats on mini win boyz
  9. jaja init fam

    Renegades Clears SV+Iblys

    sv is dogshit lmfao looked easy
  10. jaja init fam

    PKing Activity [September]

    anonymous community and sv are both closed
  11. jaja init fam

    pkri JaJa performs euthanasia on Sv

    sv is dogshit no surprises lmfao LOL
  12. jaja init fam

    Hello, it's KingTheGreat!