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  1. 1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s) KiraOdori 2. Tell Us About Yourself I have many different aliases, don't know why, don't ask. I have been lurking around here for ages but haven't made a name for myself. I've been around since the days of Sal's, Tip.it, Zybez, runehq and so forth. Back when clanning was good. Been a main for a long time using different accounts. I love the competitive nature in clanning, and some of the tournaments, unfortunately there's rarely ever any good tournaments going on. My age is around 20s and I reside in the USA somewhere. As stated I used to be in WG but got banned, then I stayed with CD until I decided to stop clanning for a year or 2. I believe that the clan world could be made competitive, 24/7, and I believe the competitors need proper incentive to participate. I am a person with many ideas, yet very quiet. 3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew? Heard about it when it was barely being created. It was a funny thought seeing it serve only for pures at the time. To be fair, I didn't really care for it and thought SB would die off. 4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply) Main. ex xlpc/lpc 5. Clan History Wg, Cd. (lot of others but can't remember the names, and serve irrelevant) 6. Additional Comments My discord name is: Antonio Luna.
  2. jon jones is a pussy. Everybody knows that. Saying fedor wins cause of refs is just baffling. I'm gonna to assume you were riding the Brock Lesnar train, the Mcnugget train, hell you probably even rode the Rousey train too LOL! Fedor was the best all-around fighter to play the game period. He wasn't a 1 sided trick like most of the UFC fighters are. Calling a 41/42 year old washed up L O L. Siick ass, everyone gets "washed" up when they hit an older age. What's great is he's continuing to fight. There was a comment about mirko cro cop that basically acknowledges his will to continually fight over and over again. Some fighters either decide to quit cause they can't take the punishment and gruelling activity anymore, others continue cause that's what they do best. Jon Jones knows how to smoke crack and pump steroids, and gouge the eyes out ofc. Wanna talk fighting, let's talk about fighting.
  3. Looking for some nasty pures to come into this competition. Need more level 90's+ so if any are interested please post up your RSN and what division you want in. The heavy division looking good, let's see if we can get some more in the other divisions! Requirements P2P Gear must cost up to or less than 500K gp total Low Combat Division 90-100 -Barkii(Vengeance) Med combat Division 100-110 -Toilsome (Vengeance) High Combat Divison 110+ -Nornavsoc (FSK) -Kbdick (FSK) -outstanding (FSK) -lamr0n (avalon) -Duckz (VnG) Rules: Best of 5 All styles Pots on Food on Prayer on All fights are fought in Cwa Anyone interested? Post rsn's and what division you want to participate in Notes: bring whatever pots or food you want Anything that doesnt disobey these rules is allowed
  4. any level 90s feel like participating in a 1v1 tourny sign up now

  5. Fedor eliminates Chael Sonnen via First Round TKO. Chael was looking to win due to his high skilled wrestling backround but ultimately lost. For any new blood mma fans who suck off conor mcgregor, jon jones, etc etc bandwagon fans. This is what you should know about fedor - GOAT heavyweight in MMA win or lose the grand prix tournament -Was known for a long undefeated record that stems backs from RINGS organization to PRIDE fc to bodog, affliction, M1-global, Dreams/Rizin, and Strikeforce -Was known to defeat multiple UFC HW champions, and ofc Legendary HW fighters such as Cro Cop, Nogueira, Mark Hunt, Mark Coleman, and kevin randleman -Greatest strengths during the peak days were his judo background and his powerful punches, as well as his ground game. He's a very explosive fighter. Heres the full fight in russian Fedor now fights Ryan Bader in the finals
  6. 1v1 competition has been updated, including signups for the 3 divisions. 


  7. Requirements P2P Gear must cost up to or less than 500K gp total Low Combat Division 90-100 -Barkii(Vengeance) Med combat Division 100-110 -Toilsome (Vengeance) High Combat Divison 110+ -Nornavsoc (FSK) -Kbdick (FSK) -outstanding (FSK) -lamr0n (avalon) Rules: Best of 5 All styles Pots on Food on Prayer on All fights are fought in Cwa Anyone interested? Post rsn's and what division you want to participate in Notes: bring whatever pots or food you want Anything that doesnt disobey these rules is allowed
  8. I say it wont last because it will get old. Also pointing out what STL arrow said, The toxicity between 4-5 clans isn't helping. The rivalry is full on pointless, though a bit entertaining at first glance, it's really repetitive and old. Especially since they are fighting for nothing. Rev Caves is a good update and it has brought activity in the wildy, but it will get old and will be passed over. I say that, because it happens over time. Something else will come out (Hopefully in the wildy and not in a non pking zone) and that will be the hotspot.
  9. With the slow steady activity in the rev caves we can all rejoice for a bit, but how long do you think this will last?! Jagex has a history of updating shit and letting it die off years later. Our last wildy rejuvenation was in 14' of March! For fucks sakes remember these Resource area - was big when it was released but lets get real, you can get a majority of that shit elsewhere Wildy god wars dungeon - really, a fucking gwd in the wildy where instead of 40 kc, you need to collect a key that has a 1/60 drop rate AND youre only allowed 3 max. Foh 3 wildy bosses - legit risking for 6.8mil in terms of reward if you get lucky. Not good enough Fountain of rune - ngl good attempt, free spells basically with 0 xp and you can enchant dstone i believe. Good idea sadly imo, feel that bitch is way far off. Put that shit by gdz. Ay but for all the hardcore scapers out there dont forget, wildy achievement diaries where you get a cool looking wildy sword with addy stats and some okish perks. Honestly if things are gonna get better we gotta reward the entertainers right? All these clans fighting put on a show for us, weather they want to or not. They create the show for us. Clans who play and pk for fun, still are giving us, the community, entertainment. Its only fair they get rewarded for it. Now personally, i dont see jagex doing shit for clans after that mod jed shit. I feel the clan community is under fire cause of one dumbass. The actions of that man, simply jeopardizes the rest. It has created a stain on the community. But all can be resolved. Thats for another topic. To every clan fighting out there for fun. Keep doing it. Play the game like youve always remembered to play it. I do hope there are interesting updates for runescapes wild. Something to benefit the clans, create more ways for clans to form and pk. I don't see it happening though. Question to the people If jagex doesnt revamp the wild to get more people stepping in i.e creating more bosses, interesting npcs, quests, minigames, resource areas etc then how will clans get the daily dose of pking? We know rev caves is a temp spot, we need more of this everywhere. Give us hot spots in the wild that go uncontested with other parts of gielinor example, better xp rates, better money making etc etc. Give me an answer below Give a big shout out to wee man for this. He has his topic on runescape community forums, bit of credit goes to him for me thinking about it and asking it here.
  10. The smaller clans were harder to track due to lack of posts on their forums lool. Im sure they're always out, but there's no date of it. I am glad they are where they are on the list, those liths can contest with VR-AV, i think. Just an all around good thing for every clan that's here, proves everyone shows up to search for a fight in the wildy
  11. Notable clans at the bottom either focused on dmm or just werent too interesting in going out much. This list has placed clans out in order judging on who they encountered out, if they even went out, notably simple pk trips which they fight Randoms, streamers etc. As noted before on topic. This doesnt dictate who the best clans are, but who the most active clans are in the wild. Hence why it's titled, pk activity.
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