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  1. Couple days ago we planned a little CWA scrap with WL knowing they've been on hot form lately beating most of the top teams we knew we had a battle on our hands. Sadly we did not have the best pull so we ended up doing no overheads around 23v23. Thanks for the action WL WL WON
  2. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tfJ4gtg Latin Unit/Crew decided to ask us for a short prep fight which we gladly accepted. We both pulled 30 and all rounds were fairly competitive. We ended up taking the win 2-1. Thanks for the fight 24-25
  3. SA asked us for a battle and as always we glady accepted. We ended up pulling 37 but thankfully SA pulled 30 so we didn't have to drop many. The fights went like they always do really neck and neck until one side takes the advantage on portal control. Thanks for the action once again SA. Lost 25-24
  4. Planned yet another CWA today vs a new opponent in Revolt. Both sides had solid pulls and we set all rounds to 30v30 cap to avoid any flooding from either side. Shoutout to Joey who tanked 3 kills at 24-22 to revolt in R2 as we took home the victory!
  5. Was good fun you guys will be a force once your men get used to the main scene
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