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  1. SMOKE -Dec 9/19- One day prep, went looking for smoke. Started deep, hitting greaters and vet'tion while we massed. Didn't find anything worthwhile, just some free sets, ended up going revs rather quickly. Focused on hitting total worlds while we scouted for teams. The first legit team we found was Little Cards. Little cards had a numerical advantage, but with too few mages, and too many low levels and ballista raggers they folded. We had free reign of the total worlds for some reason, with MOI massing briefly to try and contest. They were the easiest clan of the night and would not return to contest us for the remaining hour of the trip. As we were winding down, we were heading south down east tunnel and got caught by surprise by AE. They had the positional advantage and caught a decent clump on our main squad. Luckily their organisation was just too poor to truly capitalize on the gwass, and we countered it enough. Despite AE having superiority in numbers, our piles were effective. We pulled the fight to black drags and inflicted some huge damage at both north and east entrances. Surgical level clumps. They stopped returning after this.
  2. FRIDAY: Started this weekend with an EST trip on Friday night, nothing planned, just the usual wildy sweep to rack up loot and hope for some action. Swept deep wilderness for a good half an hour, killing small mans and what not with nothing special coming around. Confident that no one was hiding deep we went to Caves where we were sure some real action would be. To our disappointment , not much was going on in caves either. We killed some 5-10 man teams, racked up 100k in ether from pvmers, and just fucked about claiming caves for the majority of the night. Finally, we scouted Latinos and they were kind enough to give us some action. Fought undisturbed for ~15 minutes until they tele'd and dipped out, we banked then continued on. 15 or so minutes later they had came back with double our opts as they had been re-massing to fight us again. Out numbered 2:1 we tele'd out and decided to do the same and re-mass to clear them again. After 5 or so minutes we gained to even opts, tele'd up to caves and hopped around to hunt them. For some reason we did not run into them again, so we just cleared caves again and called it a night. SUNDAY Pt1: Today on Sunday we had a planned 30 minute multi spell fight with Vengeance. We set it up to be east of bandit camp, tele'd up and got ready then gave them the world. The fight was going well for ~5 minutes until RoT came to crash Venge, we just all tele'd out and hopped worlds to go up again. We then fought for the remainder of our cap and even stuck around for an extra 5 minutes or so hoping jj would try to come hit our fight ( they didn't ) SUNDAY Pt2: Decided to finish off the weekend with an impromptu EST trip in caves, we massed up ~15 men and headed out. AMAZINGLY, we ran into WG in gear who ACTUALLY FOUGHT BACK, needless to say we were delighted. Farmed their sets for as long as they would let us, which was about 15 minutes. When they had 3 in game at any given moment Authority finally answered their call and came to help them, We decided not to give crashers action and tele'd taking the win. Knowing that WG would either head deep or end after that we went back to caves to give Authority the smoke. While hunting them though we actually ran into DK, surprise surprise. Scrapped with DK for around 15 minutes 1 banging them left and right, till of all people DF hopped in to hit the fight. DK instantly tele'd when this happened for some reason but we stayed and starting fighting the DF. The fight vs. DF dragged north into black dragons and lasted there for about 5 minutes until RoT came to hit the DF. They chased DF south while we ran north into singles. We waited in singles a minute or two and decided to head south to see if anyone was left over. There was a rot straggler in Black Drags who we hopped on and took out and then more of them quickly came in, we killed a handful of them with even opts in-game until the rest of them hopped back in or tele'd back up and they quickly outnumbered us heavily so we dipped out calling it a night.
  3. Can't really call WG a clan anymore. Sad I missed the scrap
  4. Never realized there were so many failed main clans! I suggest NMZ Looks like good fun
  5. He was in RSD, sounds like he is trying to revive it
  6. Why you no offer me fights goof? Good luck to #plague Nice banner btw
  7. Nothing Left | Nov 18th (Monday) | Featuring Jaja Getting Farmed Started Monday night in EST hopping around GDZ and Vettion, cleared a bunch of small teams with HUGE loot for around 25 minutes. Realizing we had cleared everything deep we went off to rev caves, hopped for about 15 minutes clearing lil shitters here and there. Eventually ran into PD who we had some short scraps with 2 times leaving after they gained. Stayed in revs hopping around looking for another scrap before we called it night, this is where we ran into cards vs pd and we decided to join in on the action making it a 1v1v1 hitting both pd and cards. It wasn't long before other clans figured out what was going on and it turned into a nice cluster. Fought for 2 hours and 30 minutes farming the 15 JJ that showed up and banging cards kids left and right. Was a great night and lots of fun, GG to all the clans. (See below for pictures). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The NL/Jaja Scoreboard for November NL 3: JAJA 0 1) JAJA crashing NL during their set up for VR PKRI, started with JAJA getting ggwassed, and subsequently farmed until NL left (not wanting to keep VR waiting) JAJA did NOT crash the VR fight. 2) Jaja crashed the TR vs NL PKRI 2 minutes in. Despite NL only having 20 to Jaja ?40. Jaja was unable to clear NL. In fact, NL was able to catch some serious barrage clumps in rebuke. When SV eventually found the fight, Jaja FLED INSTANTLY. Leaving NL members still standing? Jaja once again showing their quality when they eagerly take a 2:1 fight, but run the second they lose the number advantage...perhaps scared to lose addy sets? 3) Jaja tried to rag NL during the Monday night cluster, but instead found themselves getting farmed? This all leaves some questions begging to be answered; Like... why is a GMT clan, that claims to be a competitive anti-ROT/SV/TS force, burning resources on a 40 member NEUTRAL EST clan? And, why are they having such a hard time beating them? Why is Jaja leaking NL-Lobby screenshots, but still unable to provided quantitative evidence that NL has any alliances? Perhaps Jaja is looking for an excuse to focus NL? Perhaps Jaja has become so irrelevant in GMT that they need to look for targets elsewhere in order to try and stay relevant? Perhaps they are too weak or disliked to get clean action? Maybe they don't like seeing a clan that gives clean action? I will let you draw your own conclusions. @Alan Rickmanmay be able to fill us in? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
  8. Just noticed all your members are 109ish combat! May i suggest nmz? Some nice +1s in there
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