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  1. That is a big fucking scrap. AF looking strong AF. Would have liked to see a clear, ideally a fall in. And fewer REV on the map if you are going to claim 5 vs 1 (I don't think there are 5 anti-af clans total tbh) Would rather see a truthful interpretation of what happened, rather than typical propaganda. I expect it from clans like jaja, sv, and Rot. But would hope that a clan that is confidently #1 wouldn't have to spew bullshit. Video to me looks more like ROT+SV+TS+ slaves vs REV, AF, JAJA, DF?, +some other alliance clans?. With AF confidently controlling the snapshots of the fight we are getting.
  2. You lads are making me feel fucking oldddd
  3. 1) KD (2003 ish) allied to LD and Dragonwood. Periodically fought for clans like DI,gladz and THE in f2p during this time. Became leader of KD for several years. 2) WG 3) NL 2019
  4. GF fam, nice to do something different, we got smoked lol Still dont understand this fucking safe minigame though
  5. Deep wildy was dead as fuck tonight when we massed so we quickly made our way to rev caves on this Monday Night pk trip. We cleared a few randoms before running into Cuckthroat. Both Cuckthroat and NL had similar ops. We instantly engaged them with strong melee piles gaining an unstoppable momentum right off the bat. Within 3 minutes they were down to 10 ops in game, so our callers stopped finding piles and we just used in game spam to let them catch up, as we wanted the fight to last. Once they got enough people returned it was fuckin' on. We caught insane clumps on them consistently through the entire fight [see vids/pics below lmfao] while maintaining vicious melee piles. Several CT members got 1-banged on b-piles. Within 10 minutes we had them cleared off the map and took a fall in. After that we ran into CPK where we continued to farm mage experience. CPK was cleared within 5 minutes. We looted up and caught a regroup. Not long after CT decided to try us one more time, and the second fight went over the same as the first. They were once again, demolished in under 10 minutes. After the second clear on CT, they ended and Christy called for a rank meeting. [l0l] I hope they won't be kicking any more innocent trial members! NOTHING LEFT WINS AGAIN https://streamable.com/qvc7q http://nl-rs.net/uploads/monthly_2020_02/1137563306_CTgwass.mp4.55f33fc795901b6adf13c2b943df585a.mp4 http://nl-rs.net/uploads/monthly_2020_02/Gwass.mp4.7cb8adb5a19ea8a8b7f88c42b62d2c93.mp4
  6. Crazy opts, but I am curious how you can call this a 1 vs 3. Literally your very first gif makes it abundantly clear that jaja and rev are also on the field. @Spoontech
  7. Dragisx massed up a last minute trip on this fine Friday afternoon. Took about 3 seconds to realize deep was dead [fuck u jagex revitalize wildy] so we headed 2 caves. Not long in we found PD and you guessed it we engaged. Had a good fucking clean fight with them for like 1.5 hrs before SV decided to crash with like 12. They got gwassed upon arrival in a huge clump at east entrance to black drags. Whenever they had 10 more in game, we focused SV, otherwise we focused PD. We caught nasty fucking clumps on PD AND SV throughout maintaining 18+ in game for the whole fight. Then AF showed up to to clear SV. Cuckthroat had alil singles trip cuz they can't pull enough for multi and tried to camp entrance in a dd. Gotta admit, pretty high IQ play, they'd be insta wiped if they came multi.
  8. Amending special cases, WG is once again dead in the water, having given no resistance before folding. Of the few remaining pkers/doxxers they had. All have either disbanded to other clans (mostly CT), or quit playing entirely.
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