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  1. @Hamwat does rage stand for???

    1. Ham


      rage stands for dog shit l00l

    2. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      salty loser mad IMT became a snipe team after a 3-0 prep loss in a dead scene lmfao

  2. nrg closed into divine and still pulls 30 l0l. IMT Killed you both.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Land Of Timber

      Land Of Timber

      what does audio have to do with your clan being dogshit? @Sharkbrew Warrior

    3. Land Of Timber
    4. Corn_husker


      amen l00l IMT wins again

  3. MFW nrg closes into divine and they still pull 30 l0l
  4. Closed nrg in 1 month.

    Slumped divine in 1 week. 

    Feels good being IMT.

    1. Goop


      nrg took 2 weeks, why are you lying

    2. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Winning a prep isn’t slumping a clan lol but grats I guess

  5. @Yazstop slaving in foe and join your CP brothers in IMT

    1. Yaz


      I’m not in foe lmao I’m in legacy

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