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  1. location on zenith, their audio sounded very awkward and tense after ended their trip 45 minutes in after losing 40 opts.... I don't think they were ready for us!
  2. wow, zenith looked completely outclassed in this one! gj rage!
  3. looks like a losing topic to me, running south to claim a fake win... zenith tactics. good job rage!
  4. Good Job Legacy! Zenith do anything today? Probably demoralized from all the losing! Thank god they took all the trash from us!
  5. good action! zenith two hours late as always looking to gtet proaganda!
  6. you rushed after we fought three clans, you guys are cringe. we also sat in multi for 10 minutes afer that and you wouldnt hit us 1v1. ur clan is cringe im going to end ur trips next weekend too. "don't get mad at me cuz i made one bad call" - 0wl
  7. losing topic lol imagine ur rival sitting in multi and you do nothing about it, full cleared 4x btw
  8. god, embarrassing performance from zenith... CD used to put up better fights in p2p with 30 man pulls!
  9. zenith pulled 100 last weekend with 3 clans, pulled 85 this week and lost by 115 in a ft200.. i think they're demoralized, maybe now that nox has bent the knee to mother RoT they can save them.
  10. what do you know zenith hiding below 13 wildy with their level 70s
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