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  1. @Hamwat does rage stand for???

    1. Ham


      rage stands for dog shit l00l

    2. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      salty loser mad IMT became a snipe team after a 3-0 prep loss in a dead scene lmfao

  2. nrg closed into divine and still pulls 30 l0l. IMT Killed you both.

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    2. Land Of Timber

      Land Of Timber

      what does audio have to do with your clan being dogshit? @Sharkbrew Warrior

    3. Land Of Timber
    4. Corn_husker


      amen l00l IMT wins again

  3. MFW nrg closes into divine and they still pull 30 l0l
  4. Closed nrg in 1 month.

    Slumped divine in 1 week. 

    Feels good being IMT.

    1. Goop


      nrg took 2 weeks, why are you lying

    2. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Winning a prep isn’t slumping a clan lol but grats I guess

  5. @Yazstop slaving in foe and join your CP brothers in IMT

    1. Yaz


      I’m not in foe lmao I’m in legacy

  6. l0l rip Rampage. was ez

    1. Unbiased Observer

      Unbiased Observer

      they closed already?

    2. Warbow


      You didn’t beat us in 1 fight lol! You sound like envy

  7. how can Rampage (an xLPC snipe team) claim #1 when they run to single every time they get rushed in multi? Can someone explain this to me please? 😕
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