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  1. Big Purity

    Teamsweden - 120+ combat - MAIN clan

    join today my swedish and norwegian brothers
  2. Big Purity

    @lpc scene

    u founded a clan that has opened and closed like 20 times WOW im impressed LMFAO!
  3. Big Purity

    @lpc scene

    wow some randomer from envy asking who i am, lmao!
  4. Big Purity

    @lpc scene

    there has never been one single good version of either ENVY or BV. pls STFU
  5. out with the old shit and in with the new. SUPREMACY MOST ACTIVE LPC CLAN.
  6. supremacy most active
  7. ty 4 fight resurgence. better than ir! respect.
  8. Big Purity

    Nawe wins again

    u pull like 40 to f2p L0L cringe!
  9. why did veng even bother making a topic they got fucking smoked lmfao! gratz WG
  10. looked easy for @ZOG& co. GRATZ
  11. Big Purity

    GMT Runs The Caves ft. DK + Rev

    gj veng! keep it up.
  12. Big Purity

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    best of luck cd!
  13. Big Purity

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

  14. Big Purity

    SKO ~ Sudden Knock Out

    @Mr Scott x D? what is this... taking shit out of game in 2k19? either way gl sko, hope to have some fun and HEALTHY fights.