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  1. Big Purity

    Resurgence Smallman Pkay

    gratz resurgence
  2. Big Purity

    pkri Thursday: Back to Normal

    way 2 ez
  3. this just keeps getting easier and easier. not long till ct closes now.
  4. Got paired up against PD in the 25v25 F2P FT25 rounds so we setup our fights for tonight (with their timezone request). Thanks for the smoke. Round 1 Starting: Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Starting: Round 2 Ending:
  5. Big Purity

    main Revenant vs Divine Forces

    easy 5-0
  6. you both had more mains than pures 60man ml but pull 150? :thinking:
  7. Big Purity

    main Seals defeat Revenant

    gf seals ty4fight
  8. anti-sup alliance gets smoked as usual