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  1. Everyone involved needs to start living life.
  2. you're fucking awful at flaming pls stop.
  3. Ye, hard to say really, things have come and gone in the past.
  4. To be fair the crashing/trying to kill each other kinda stemmed from the idea that starving clans of fights is a good move. As soon as you decide that you're not giving a clan action they're just going to take what they can get and crashing is an easy solution and from there it just escalates. If clans were ready to take any planned fight they could get and not fight an obvious loss on twitter/forums maybe crashing would take a back seat again. Rev caves have kind of centralised that so anyone hears that anyone else is out they're quick to join in and scrap with whoever.
  5. Fight Stat tracking - KDR, Wealth gained/lost, low and high numbers in game. Just anything that can be used to show performance of each clan rather than rely on word of mouth and cherry picked kill/ending pics. Low level safe zones - Areas with banks in low level multi wild (25 and under) to help support the formation of low level cc teams which help the wilderness "food chain". Back in the day things like the FOG cave, BH stairs, CWA lobby were all examples of this in action. Clan Chats - Move the 150 total level requirement to a CC setting that the owner can enable rather than limit it to every new account to help foster the growth of cc teams. W308 Varrock - Hills is super active with these 15 - 45 cmb CC teams right now but forcing them to train skills they don't have any interest in to take part hinders rather than helps the scene. F2P - Stop ignoring F2P and add some content, there's a lot of interest in the F2P wild scene especially with mobile taking off.
  6. I think the problem is that from a pure perspective you guys don't consider med/zerk/tank as pures whereas main clans do so neither side thinks they really belong in either section, with that in mind it's kind of difficult to come up with a name that fits. For anyone coming from RSC it's always going to be Main clans and then the pure (non main) clans with no distinction for all the brands of pure clanning that exist so even if you change it no one will be satisfied with anything other than "Main clans." It's up to you if you think med/zerk/tank scene(s) are active enough to warrant representation in the section name or not.
  7. Mog time's was pretty fun I don't see why this wouldn't be, I've passed it along to the vng officials.
  8. Wee Man

    Juri Rs

    I disagree with your Ronin comments. Welcome!
  9. I'm sure some people think standing a box is fun, most people I've spoken to don't but to each their own. Once clans figured out that standing in a tiny box was a lot more efficient than running a normal main pile (I think Rot/Fools were the first to do this) F2P changed completely. I think the reason it's more efficient is down to ridiculous return times meaning clearing a clan was hard to pull off on even numbers, at least in most cases unless there was a silly quality gap. If returning was nerfed back to how it was when OSRS came out with just the canoe + Lumby spawn clans would be forced to attempt regroups or they'd get cleared which would break up the whole box meta since you'd be constantly moving around the map again instead of trying to hold your own in one spot. P.S. I've never died in the wild or lost a fight. Don't @ me.
  10. Wasn't there but judging from this topic and our topic on vng forums it looked like fun which makes a change for a fight at revs.
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