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  1. So We Started At 50 Ports And Found Some Pvmers and Quickly sweeped Them To Lumbridge So We Decided To Go To Pocket Found Some Pvmers And Some Random Pkers We Also Cleared That After A Hour Or So We Went To Altar And Fought Some Random Pkers And @Nullusion Killed A Kid For 40M Of Loot And We Cleared Altar Then We Went To Vettion And Got Some Decent Loots From Some Pkers And Also Cleared Vettion And We Got Word That Some Zenith Mains Were Pking At 50 Ports And We Quickly Told Our Soldiers To Push Towards 50 Ports And We Hopped Some Worlds And Before You Know It We Ran Into Zenith Mains We Started Fighting Zenith We Pushed Them Into A Clump After Clump And They Quickly Returned And Kept Fighting Our Soldiers So We Called In More Mages And We Told Our Mages To Barrage Them From North And Chiners From South And We Kept Droping Them 3 By 3 We Cleared Zenith They Tellied Out And We Took The Win And It Was A Good 1 Hour Fight With Out Being Crashed Thanks Zenith Brothers Thanks For the Fight Deathrow On Top And The Greatest Ever To Do It Happy New Year! Ended The Year With A Bang Great LeaderShip And Great Members!
  2. Clan Awards Best CWA Clan: Deathrow Best Wilderness Clan Ancient Fury / Reign Of Terror / Revenant Best F2P Clan: Terror Best P2P Clan: Deathrow Most Active Clan: PlayDead/ Violent Resolution Most likely to be a meatshield: Pvmers Most Victimized Clan: Some Pvm Clan Most Missed Clan: Jaja Legacy Clan With Most Stamina: Clumpa/Beyond Control Clan with most delusional members: Afg1 / aka BullFrogs Most Improved Clan: Violent Resolution Most Honorable Clan: Anonymous Community / Divine Forces Upcoming Clan of 2022: Might Make My Own Clan But I Cba To Clear All These Clans With Their Little Beef Individual Awards Best F2P Caller: idk? think same as bellow and Murray From Brothers From Divine Forces Best P2P Caller: John Of Deathrow / Stl Arrow Of ResurGence Best Tank: Ravioli Best Mage:FrostShield Biggest 1-Bang: Furioso Nex Best P2P Warrior: Zezima Best F2P Warrior: Bob From LumBridge Best Highlight: Deathrow Discord Biggest Vending Machine: Twix.mars,and Maltesers Best Personality: Oc Yikez From Deathrow and many more Worse Personality: i dont know anyone who has bad behaviour towards brother moha so idk Funniest Member: Moha? and Babeff from Deathrow Most Helpful: Charbs,Babeff,Nullusion,John Most Approachable: Fiddy From Deathrow aka 50K Most Recognizable: Zezima Most Improved: Felony Cuz he Quit And Came Back Most Outstanding Person: Xmass bandit , Felony , Qingkat , Engine , Fiddy Most Remarkable Newcomer: Grizz,Shm Most Influential: Mohas Discord Worse Member To Have: Pvmers Who Wana Be Pkers
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