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  1. Kye

    Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets

    Moni - 25 def Nawe - 25 def Nankiller72 - 25 def amen the gr8 - 21 def ljungberg - 20 def im frozen - 1 def gifed - 1 def rxlf - 1 def last 2 were in for 1 round each Sure lmfao 🕵️‍♂️
  2. Kye

    Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets

    1 defers smoke 25 defers in 720HD 60fps
  3. Kye

    Ancient Fury Discord

    Lay off the ddosing and shit this time. Should be good.
  4. Kye

    Axis - P2P/F2P Dutch/Belgium Country Team

  5. Kye

    cwa Vengeance vs Cutthroat (1-2) Multispells CWA

    Looked fun! Would love to set something up if you're interested in some lower op stuff
  6. Kye

    announcement Promotion - Kye & retirement

    Honestly there have been a lot of issues with previous tournaments, so I don't want anyone to think they have been ignored. The important thing is we learn from them. The recent underdogs tournament seemed to go extremely well, hopefully we can build upon it as we create a more standardised format for our tournaments.
  7. was actually really fun, great to be back on ts with the boys again ty4max cash
  8. Glad we took the time to get the sigs done right. Ty for the promo and grats foe/Grandpas
  9. Gf was solid competition from what I saw, hope we can do it more often.
  10. I wasn't even on lmao woulda been easy if i was there