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  1. Kye

    cwa 2v2 xLPC fullout winning signatures

    Decent sigs, event seemed to run really smoothly too. Good shit
  2. Kye

    Dream rank lineup

    Never liked rank structures, no rank structure has worked well in teams, unsure if it could work in a clan.
  3. Kye

    cwa Resurgence vs Destiny 3-0

    Interesting, this never really works because of the scoreline demonstrated in this topic, people would rather not fight than lose. GL with it id join if i had an account.
  4. Kye

    40+ def account Looking for a pvp clan

    Ignore the trolls, tbh you'll struggle with those stats, if you desperately want to pk you might want to consider an open cc like divine kings or ibilys. You'll have to do your own research on how to join though unsure of their clan chat names. Once you have better stats i'd recommend joining a more established clan with an application process. Ask around in SB discord once you get to that point or check out some of the clans in the recruitment section.
  5. Kye

    Foe vs Apex P2P Mini 4-1

    Haha you beat our d team btw xd
  6. Both scenes are trash tbh. Expected pures to be better when I first got involved in pure clanning but its really not the case.
  7. Red Vs Blue Details: Sunday 25th November 4EST/9GMT F2P CWA first to 50 Discord: https://discord.gg/MXTqZZd 2x Plateau 1x Turrets Teams will be randomized (minus callers) This event is for mains however if you are a pure with access to a main feel free to attend. Yes you read correctly, F2P CWA. We're hopeful for a minimum turn out of 100 people (50v50). The only thing you need to do to participate is join the discord server and post the RSN that you be be fighting with. We will be taking extremely strict measures against intentional CC leaving while you are being piled, abusing this mechanic will result in you being kicked from CC immediately.
  8. Kye

    Eop vs Apex P2P Mini 2-1

  9. I stopped replying bcos u've said the same thing the last 10 replys, pretty boring.
  10. Kye

    Foe vs Apex & IR P2P Minis

    I heard pups carried
  11. Hello location apex? I can't find apex? hello? we're waiting y u no fight ;/