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  1. If you view the topic on rev's site the pictures will load in on SB. Note that SB cannot be held accountable for any mishaps that come from using external sites!
  2. I could could sit here for hours just typing up a response to this video, but I need to do my Christmas shopping! So i'll leave it at this; People don't like authority, its probably one of the most human instincts and as a platform there is very little sharkbrew can do about that. People are quick to shit on sharkbrew but have never once done anything to help the community that they themselves are a part of. I honestly believe that sharkbrew could be ran flawlessly and people would still find a way to discredit us and refuse to work with us. At some stage we have to realise the limitations that we have, and its why we have recently taken RWT sponsors. If sharkbrew can exist to host events and give people a good time we're probably doing something right. Naturally we have tons of other projects ongoing but I think the events will become the core of platform.
  3. Kye

    invite only Pups

    You can spy but you're NOT getting in
  4. Due to lack of evidence regarding this subject, it has been locked.
  5. played factions in 2013 after eoc came out, was pretty decent actually
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