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  1. Cant beleive my clan is this nh, I might leave foe now!
  2. Lol obvious propaganda. Also i sent video to jagex that u guys use runelite gg ur accs teddybears
  3. Lol every1 knows ive been around foe for ages. What you guys dont know is that we tried to set it up with you for so long and you still avoided trying to get a freebee lol
  4. Doubt you guys would stand a chance versus FOE lol
  5. Wish you scared little weasels would prep foe instaed, stop avoid lol foedanny#1043 to set something up
  6. Was really fun today! I wish we would have fought zenith that we set up a 1v1 with buyt sucks we didnt pull more than 21 in GMT zone. Oh well, proud to be an eagle.
  7. Just wait until I come for you poodog fr fr cuh
  8. Miss being a grey hat. Im a bit surprised Moni is in Apex 5 though, back in my time when I was in Apex 5 he wasnt even in foe top 15.
  9. What is this? Im kinda interested in joining these low level pure fights haha I remmeber being a low level fr00b back in 1995 or whatever it was. Reas#8366 on discord add me and lets have a chat!
  10. Looked really easy for Apex. I remember the time when I was a grey hat warrior - we killed that eop clan really easy haha when obama led - shoutout Cadddddie ex fi. Now i think Fatality is just merged with some random foreigners that just came to sweden or something? With obama leading? So weird
  11. I was rage intro before and they kept asking me to let them to services for my pure (probably to hack it) - also they ddosed me two times so I couldnt attend foe trips. Obviously the scam = true. Really sad that a bear clan acts like this since bears are my favorite animals
  12. Lol @tescocleared?
  13. Its obvious you guys brought them when they target foe and only show up with you guys. Remy said it was your incompetent leadership ngl
  14. You must be used to losing at this point tasco, 12 years experience at this point..?
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