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  1. I’ll be happy to prep whatever clan you’re in and pummel them exclusively each round, just lmk Thanks for the concern
  2. Just ordered 5 shirts lol
  3. bro chill their a team (or tier 1 as they call it) can only be on so often....
  4. @GIGGS @jajack who would win the gOdKiNgS of p2p or an aquatic animal halfway up the food chain?
  5. On a windy Sunday afternoon, the leaves were rustling through the streets. Renegades grew increasingly anxious to patrol the caves. After massing up on God's day, we took the wild by storm and cleared everything in our path. Discord: https://discord.gg/hpsfTCy
  6. I like the idea of another way to advertise ourselves. I'm not sure what exactly we could do yet either, but we really need new blood into our scene and the spike in players mobiles given the game really makes it possible I know people are inevitably gonna say we put ourselves in this position to have a dying scene with the toxicity of clans and mentalities of clan leaders, but ddosing and toxicity was still prevalent in pre-eoc too and we still had a MUCH better scene back then. The two things aren't mutually exclusive in my mind
  7. We had some similar ideas for CWA stuff, but I really like all of the other ideas you have. It could make for some interesting twists to fights if/when CWA makes a comeback within the scene again (if the update itself didn't prompt clans to try a couple out immediately after).
  8. FA: 110 Combat | Discord: https://discord.gg/PcXjAng On this glorious day of the Sabbath, Renegades massed up 25 strong gamers to go out and clear rev caves. Whilst blessing the caves with our presence and making big bucks, our DK spy informed us they were out trying to steal our prey. This obviously being unacceptable, we barraged them out not one, not two, but three times by blindsiding them in the corridors or hitting them on login. This resulted in DK downgrading their trip to ballistas only and hopping below 30 wild. Unwilling to take our foot off the gas, we continued to hit them even more on different worlds below the 30 line in an attempt to end their trip - which they promptly did shortly after. We resumed calling worlds in the caves and PKing different kids when we got more intel that SV was out with a mere 12 people at Greaters. We quickly teled from the caves, called the world, and tab'd up where our great supreme council Dak baited them into a melee pile where we barrage chin'd them until they were cleared. Ty for the loot everyone
  9. So with our recent connections opening up with some of the J mods, we've been given the opportunity to have their ear and pitch to them an update that would benefit our clanning scene. To get more of a briefing on our meeting we had, you can read @slushpuppy's topic here. What I want to ask from all of my fellow main clanners with this topic is this: What smaller scale, content related updates could we look to refine into something that would not only help our scene grow activity/interest wise, but that would pass the voting polls and sound convincing enough for Jagex to design it out? Before you suggest anything, take a second to tamper your expectations. The clanning scene is a small niche in the grand scheme of everyone who plays this game, and while something like Jcup, KDR tracker, or whatever might be the most ideal suggestion off the top of our heads, we are in no position to ask for these right now. In our meeting with them I purposely told everyone to flat out avoid even mentioning the Jcup, as Jagex has already been asked about it thousands of times and - for whatever reason they might have - they have no intention to do it at this time; there's just no point in agitating them just to be shot down. Our goal is NOT to restore the clan world with this update that we pitch; what IS our goal is to find a quality update that us and Jagex can build off of to try and establish a strong and positive relationship so that, when built off of even more with future suggestions, we're in a much better position to suggest even larger scale things to them. Hopefully that's clear. So when thinking about what to suggest, consider the following: 1) Keep it content related. Anything that takes engine work (new clan chat system, KDR tracker, cc leaving counting as a kill, certain defence level worlds, etc.) is off the table right now. Engine work takes much more time and resources than content does, and Jagex already has their immediate priorities laid out. 2) Keep in mind the game's player base as a whole. Asking to implement a new set of armor or expanding the wilderness as a whole is pretty much guaranteed to be shot down. The rest of the people who play this game won't want to have to deal with the uncertainty that such a potentially big update could change. Whatever we come up with either shouldn't faze them or should be appealing towards them too. With the ideas from this thread, the Sharkbrew Staff will work together in conjunction with the Main clan Ambassadors we have to refine the details of what we believe is the best idea and we'll pitch it to the J mods. Really hope to see some good ideas and the more details you can provide to what you suggest the better. Oh and take this post seriously. If I or anyone sees you just trolling or posting clan beef on here we’ll just delete your post immediately.
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