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  1. ty despite being outnumbered by 100 it [unbiased] was very easy
  2. downfall have 50? fuck it we need like 3 times that
  3. Decided to headout with a few lads to abuse total worlds with the hope of baiting anti-rev. To no surprise, NOBODY wanted to face REV alone. We continued to hit SR worlds + SV rejects forcing the entirety of anti-rev to mass up in a poor attempt to protect their worlds. Just as we wanted, RoT with their 20ish pvm recruits logged in south making it a 1v2 for REV. After a mere few minutes, REV proved too POWERFUL, FORCING them to beg SV for aid. Proof HERE The arrival of anti-rev was met with overwhelming spam and dps - within minutes the map was completely purple while RoT/SV attempted bail north. For the next 2.5 hours we continued to farm RoT SoTD magers with never-ending barrage piles and devastating spam. Happy 35th birthday Matteus (loser) - SPECIAL FEATURE - JAY#3067 Scaper#6559 Jimmy#6302 https://pastebin.com/aN4biTFb
  4. I’ll be happy to prep whatever clan you’re in and pummel them exclusively each round, just lmk Thanks for the concern
  5. bro chill their a team (or tier 1 as they call it) can only be on so often....
  6. @GIGGS @jajack who would win the gOdKiNgS of p2p or an aquatic animal halfway up the food chain?
  7. On a windy Sunday afternoon, the leaves were rustling through the streets. Renegades grew increasingly anxious to patrol the caves. After massing up on God's day, we took the wild by storm and cleared everything in our path. Discord: https://discord.gg/hpsfTCy
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