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  1. Congrats on the win. No overheads war is cancer af, 100% rng based.
  2. Dude was smited without a single spear LOLOLOLOLOL
  3. Insane performance from pk lads switching on addy rice members. Thanks TR for the action!
  4. Close rounds. Gratz on the win.
  5. Strong performance revoltz. Ty for the good action
  6. GJ. Seems like LU put up a good fight.
  7. Close 3 rounds. Well done TR.
  8. We set a milestone that by the end of July we would be on the top 3 rankings. Reaching top 2 with no more than 2 months of lifetime, with a bunch of retired players which are forcing themselves to catch-up with the new meta, is just overwhelming. BTW: Get on your knees Rice Klan. You should just go back to massive PVM events as an open CC should.
  9. Ty for fight LU. Ai ai ai one more 1 hit from Potoncry.
  10. Nice action! Gratz Vengeance on the win.
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