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  1. Congrats, you pked more that day then Sv has in the past 5 months combined, teach them how to be a real clan.
  2. I was there, I can confirm that Eop demolished sad emo blue cape clan.
  3. Sv gets bullied out of caves, tries to pk gds. Gets instantly cleared and ends. There goes another 3 members....roughhhh.
  4. Maybe a way to better advertise ourselves besides the Rs forums, a nicer more attractive platform. Other then that, I don't really want jagex to get involved with our wilderness/game. They always mess things up. Maybe some tournaments like the J-cups could be okay, but they just end up in ddosing.
  5. Join jaja and farm degenerate crap players like Dk/Sv everyday. 5m/hour minimum.
  6. O an alias, so what do you go by which other people would know?
  7. It was entertaining to read Sv's version of events. The Literal first gif of this topic, contradicts their entire version of events lol. Be real with yourselves, if your members were happy with the events going on within your clan, why did Kattri leave? What about Noprayzone? Where Zeke at guys? We1 intro'd to Rev. Your clan is dead, you might allow your officials to lie to you about the state of Sv. However grow a pair and just be man enough to stop lying to yourselves though. Pm Marky for a way out, Pm Bosha for a way out, Pm Christy for a way out. Any of those 3 options are superior to staying in Sv and being merged into Dk. Have some self respect and stop being rejects lmao.
  8. Sharkbrew allows clans to post other clans leaks?
  9. Which rank in Rev did you pm when you bailed on your own clan{sv}?
  10. This aged well. What clan are you currently in ex-Sv Leader?
  11. 14 years of clan experience in the main scene? I've never heard of this person lol? Grats everyone
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