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  1. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    ignore the facts pussy just like i thought
  2. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    We chased PR into black drags (they ran there) and you took a random ending out of no where LOL ! Jaja and Pr continuing the fight just north of where you take your fake ending: meanwhile: LMFAO Jaja then smashes pr 1v1 without you helping them and finishes both fights with the final ending: good try though
  3. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    yes there is no recovering from what we put them through
  4. JaJa Impulse

    Envy High IQ Leadership Exposed

    dutch people are literally retarded
  5. @Kim Nick is ours 😊😋

    1. Kim


      I know 😮

    2. Juicy


      sdfu @JaJa Impulse, you ran ads of a dutch kid on your forums, get guud lmao

  6. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    The legendary discord pker's "predators" wanted to fight us so we quickly massed up to hit them, they were cleared within 3 minutes before calling DK+Vit to show up and help them. We still easily managed to clear all 3 of those clans and come out victorious. Thanks for the free loot, was easy as fuck. Loot
  7. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Tuesday: Crashing PR

    check your pies haha
  8. from what i can see ir never ever recovered after getting 100 v 100 perfected on their own anniversary and losing 800m. (rofl)
  9. JaJa Impulse

    cwa 2v2 xLPC fullout winning signatures

    these signatures are ass
  10. JaJa Impulse

    New video :]

    holy shit this is cringe
  11. Milked some whales deep wild for bank loot and owned pr at gdz, ty all.
  12. JaJa Impulse

    Opinions on this Youtube Banner?

    it's terrible you clearly didn't put any effort or thought into it and you obviously don't have any experience onto the next hobby