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  1. JaJa Impulse

    flaming NTPC clans

    you are already some type of special to play this game with 1 def but this is actually next level
  2. JaJa Impulse

    Resurgence's Monday Stroll [50m+ Trip]

    imagine sharing members with sv rats and openly admitting and knowing you can't fight your rivals because we will be there kyp
  3. JaJa Impulse

    flaming NTPC clans

    1 def in the year 2019
  4. JaJa Impulse

    wtf zee

    1 def in 2019 just lmfao
  5. JaJa Impulse

    wtf zee

    shut up
  6. dumb sv re-makes never work out lmfaoo resgurance smoked all day today losing 1v1 to vengeance already? l0l yikes @16 pray ok

    1. Kenan the Kel
    2. Cody9204


      Bro, didn't you lose to a pure clan just 2 weeks ago? Maybe jaja should get off sharkbrew and start learning to combo eat in f2p. :anismart:

  7. Thanks for mentioning us yet I don't see a single kill pic with a jaja members name on it, however i did see you cleanly kill that will the trill kids shit clan resgurance a bunch of times lmfao typical sv remakes never work gz on #1 zerk clan
  8. JaJa Impulse

    weekend Fatality's Sunday - Bee's are dead.

    ">your terrible caws" >your is there a time when you don't embarrass yourself with that sv-tier brain lmfaooo sv rat
  9. JaJa Impulse

    Christmas time

    Location: Australia
  10. JaJa Impulse

    Christmas time

    your style is so predictable and lame. the design is so overall ugly and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to be nice lol.
  11. JaJa Impulse

    Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    #1 as always
  12. JaJa Impulse

    Resurgence Saturday out ft Vengeance/DK

    typical sv brain nice topic
  13. JaJa Impulse

    Clan Awards

    biggest one sided rivalry: Jaja vs Sv (sv died)
  14. JaJa Impulse

    Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    ignore the facts pussy just like i thought