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  1. Cody9204

    pkri Resurgence Claiming the #1 Spot Ft. Vengeance

    He didn't even have time to protect item. 🤣
  2. Cody9204

    wtf zee

    @Zeestarted beef with foe and closes a few days later?
  3. Cody9204

    pkri Resurgence Claiming the #1 Spot Ft. Vengeance

    Gz Veng ran into 120 eagles on corp hill and got .5ed today.
  4. Not even in p2p lmao. They were some random team that pked in an open cc while invictus/doom/fearless were getting p2p stats and doing p2p events as established clans with teamspeak/forums/weekend trips.
  5. You aren't the founders of the pure scene. Sorry to burst your importance bubble.
  6. Cody9204

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    Aren't you in eop?
  7. Cody9204

    weekend Our immortality is your fatality

    ok ty
  8. Maybe because they pull similar..?
  9. Cody9204

    Christmas time

    @Lankzstfu i closed op and vd
  10. Yes, I do remember when Am0n fucked an escort on tinychat on base.
  11. Cody9204

    Envy Rivalry Record in 2018

    I voted bv only because ob sucks ass.
  12. Cody9204


    Don't be upset that nobody ever said the word "Defiance" on a weekend trip in pre-eoc.
  13. Cody9204

    Clan Awards

    Most Closures in 2018 Biggest Comeback Most Mains Brought And Still Lost Prep Streaks? Not really a whole lot else you could put a clan up for other than what you've already named.